[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part-II, 31st December, 2010]

S.R.O. H91(l)/2010, dated 2.12.2010.—In exercise of the powers conferred under clause (o) of sub-section (2) of Section 5 of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority hereby makes the following Regulations:



1.  Short title and commencement.—(1) These Regulations shall be called 'GPRS/EDGE Service Quality of Service Standards Regulations, 2010’.

(2)  These Regulations shall come into force from the date of gazette notification of these regulations.

2.         Definitions.—(1) In these Regulations, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:

(a)        "Act" means the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996;

(b)        "Authority" means the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority established under Section 3 of the Act;

(c)        "DL" means down-link;

(d)        "EDGE" means Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution;

(e)        "GPRS" means General Packet Radio Service;

(f)        "Kbits/s/slot" means kilo bits per second, per slot;

(g)        "Kb" means kilo bits;

(h)        "KB" means kilo bytes;

(i)         "Licensee" means an authorization to provide cellular mobile communication service granted by the Authority.

(j)         "PDP" means packet data protocol;

(k)        "QoS" means quality of service;

(l)         "Regulation" means all regulations issued by the Authority including these regulations;

(m)       "UE means the user equipment;

(n)        "UT" means user terminal; and

(o)        "UL" means up-link.

(2)        Words and expressions used herein but not defined shall have the same meaning assigned to them in the Act and Regulations.

3.         Scope and Applicability.—These regulations shall apply to all cellular mobile Licensee(s) for the purpose of laying down quality of service parameters for GPRS/EDGE service, to ensure consumer satisfaction in line with the criterion determined by the Authority from time to time.



4. Quality of Service Testing Factors.—All Licensee(s) shall ensure the adoption of the following quality of service testing factors:

(a)        Availability.—This standard shall be further classified into two parameters:

            (i)         Network Availability

                        This parameter shall provide verification on whether the Licensee(s) provides GPRS/EDGE coverage in the testing area. Coverage maps shall be obtained from the GPRS/EDGE service providers before the actual on ground testing.

            (ii)        Service Availability

                        In the first phase of defining rating tables against service availability, the Authority will not categorize services over the time duration Taken in performing these protocols. Only GPRS/ EDGE ATTACH and PDP activation success would be measured. Categorization on the basis of this standard is provided at Annex-A (Table-1). For all future testing, the rating tables shall be updated on the basis of time duration.

(b)        Latency.—Latency in a packet-switched service shall be measured either one-way (the time from the source sending a packet to the destination receiving it), or round-trip (the one-way latency from source to destination plus the one-way latency from the destination back to the source). In accordance with the methodology of development of standards, only round trip Latency has been considered for standardization. Categorization on the basis of this standard is provided at Annex-A (Table-2).

(c)        Link Speed.—Ratings shall be measured on the basis of this standard as provided at Annex-A (Table-3).

(d)        Throughput.—The user specific standard is the overall throughput (DL/UL speed) of the GPRS/EDGE service. These have been further subdivided into 'download' and 'upload' speeds as given below. While recommending throughput speeds differentiation has also been made between urban and rural area requirements.

            (i)         Download Speed(DL).—The standard has been categorized on the basis of the following:–

                        (a)        Urban Environment.—Ratings for GPRS/EDGE DL speeds for urban environment are mentioned at Annex-A (Table 4),

                        (b)        Rural Environment.—Ratings for GPRS/EDGE DL speeds for rural environment are mentioned at Annex-A (TabIe-5).

                        (c)        EDGE with Mobility.—For EDGE download service during mobility (of over 70Km/h or as per the allowable/ possible speed limits on the test field) ratings are done using. Annex-A (Table-6). These are half of the average of the corresponding fixed rural and urban download speeds.

            (ii)        Upload Speed (UL).—This standard has been catogorized on the basis of following:

                        (a)        Urban Environment.—Ratings for GPRS/EDGE UL speeds for urban environments are mentioned at Annex-A (Table-7).

                        (b)        Rural Environment.—Ratings for GPRS/EDGE UL speeds for urban environments are mentioned at Annex-A (Table-8).

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