[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part-I, 20th March, 2012]

S.R.O. 30(KE)/2012 :

Whereas, the Director-General, Intelligence Bureau, Islamabad has applied for the vesting in the Treasurer of Charitable Endowments for Pakistan of the amount of one million rupees to be applied by the Federal Government in trust for a charitable purpose known as "Intelligence Bureau Foundation", the objects of which would extend to the whole of Pakistan;

Now therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the Charitable Endowments Act, 1890 (VI of 1890), the Federal Government is pleased to direct that the said amount shall vest in the Treasurer of Charitable Endowments for Pakistan and the said amount and the income thereof shall be applied in accordance with the terms of a scheme specified in the Schedule below, to be settled under Section 5 of the said Act, namely:—



1.  Short title and commencement.—(1) This Scheme may be called the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Foundation.

(2)  It shall come into force at once.

2.       Definition.–(1) In this Scheme, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,–

(a)     “Act" means the Charitable Endowments Act, 1890 (VI of 1890);

(b)     "beneficiaries" means persons,–

          (i)      who have served or are serving in the Intelligence Bureau or its field formations as employees of the Intelligence Bureau;

          (ii)     who have served or are serving on deputation or cadre post in Intelligence Bureau, anywhere in Pakistan;

          (iii)    who are or have been on deputation to any other departments from Intelligence Bureau wherein they have retained their permanent lien of service; and

          (iv)    dependents of persons indicated in-sub-clauses (1), (ii) and (iii).

(c)     "Chairman" means the head of the Foundation who shall be the Chairman of the Committee of Administration;

(d)     "Committee" means the Committee of Administration;

(e)     "dependents" means the spouse or spouses, dependent parents, dependent sons and unmarried, widowed or divorced daughters of the beneficiaries;

(f)      "Foundation" means the Intelligence Bureau Foundation;

(g)     "IB" means the Intelligence Bureau, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad;

(h)     "Managing Director” means the managing director of the Foundation; and

(i)      "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Committee of Administration.

(2).  All other words and expressions used, but not defined herein, shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them under the Act.

3.       Aims and objects of the Foundation.—The following shall be the aims and objects of Foundation, namely:

(a)     to extend and improve medical facilities for serving and retired beneficiaries;

(b)     to advance, whether as a loan or stipend, grants to the dependents of beneficiaries for the purpose of education in approved Institutions;

(c)     to provide for construction of low-cost houses of various categories and their sale in terms and conditions to be decided by the Committee to beneficiaries;

(d)     to provide any other facility or help which the Committee may decide from time to time and which comes under the broad terms of "Welfare" of the beneficiaries;

(e)     to initiate and maintain help and support services for routine domestic and personal affairs of IB employee;

(f)      to keep IB employees informed about all information of their interest immediately and on a regular basis;

(g)     to guide and assist in economic empowerment of beneficiaries, such as Initiating business projects;

(h)     to explore and provide financial and knowledge support for education and job for the dependents of beneficiaries;

(i)      to arrange and provide opportunities for IB employees to enhance their education while in service;

(j)      to provide high quality subsidized house hold stuff to IB employees and thus sewing them from economic punch of increasing prices;

(k)     to receive and administer funds for the foregoing, health, educational and charitable objects and to that end take and hold, by request, device, gifts, purchase or lease, either absolutely or in trust any property, real, personal or mixed, without limitation as to amount or value, except such limitations, if any, as may he imposed by laws to sell, convey, dispose of any such property and to invest and re-invest the principal in income thereof to deal with and expand the principal and income of the Foundation for any of the aforementioned object and purposes as may be contained in the instruments under which property is received of the other limitations imposed by law;

(l)      to receive any property, real, personal, or mixed, in trust under the terms of any will, deed of trust, or other trust instrument for the foregoing objects or any of them (but for no other purpose) and in administering the same to carry out the directions and exercise the powers contained in the trust instrument under which the property if received including the expenditure of the principal as well as the income for one or more objects, or such objects as authorized or directed in the instrument under which it is received;

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