An Act to develop, regulate and control sports in Gilgit-Baltistan

[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part-I, 6th June, 2012]

WHEREAS, it is expedient to establishment of a Sports Board in Gilgit-Baltistan for promotion of Sports activities in the province.

It is, hereby enacted as follow:-

1.  Short title, extent and commencement.–(1) This Act shall be called the Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Board Act, 2012 (Act No. I of 2012).

(2)     It extends to the whole of Gilgit-Baltistan.

(3)     It shall come into force at once.


2.  Definitions.—In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:-

(a)     "Board" means the Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Board established under Section 3 of this Act.

(b)     "Association" means an association of any sports or game formed under Section 10 of this Act.

(c)     "Bye-laws" mean the Bye-Laws of an association.

(d)     "Chairman" means the Chairman of the Board.

(e)     "District Committee" means the District Committee of the Board.

(f)      "Divisional Committee" means the Divisional Committee of the Board.

(g)     "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee of the Board.

(h)     "Funds" means the fund of the Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Beard.

(i)      “Government" means the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan.

(j)      "Meeting" means meeting of the Board.

(k)     "Member" means the member of the Board.

(l)      "Regulation" means the regulation made by the Board under this Act.

(m)    "Rules" means the rules made under this Act.

(n)     "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Board.

(o)     "Prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act.

(p)     “Sports" shall include, Hockey, Football, Athletics, Wrestling, Cricket, Weightlifting, Squash, Swimming, Martial Arts, Rowing, Boxing, Cycling, Basketball, Netball, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Shooting Ball, Rifle Shooting, Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Rafting, Hiking, Paragliding, Polo, Kabaddi, Rugby, Body Building, Skiing Mountaineering, Billiard, Snooker, Futsal, Fist Ball, Tug of War and other local games which the Government may be notification in the official gazette, specify.



3.       Board.—(1) There shall be a board to be known as the Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Board.

(2)     The Board shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with powers, subject to the provision of this Act, to acquire and hold property both moveable and immoveable, and may by the said name sue and be sued. The tenure of the Board shall be two years after expiry of the tenure the Governor shall re-constitute the Board.

(3)     The headquarters of the Board shall be at Gilgit or such other place as Government may fix by notification.

4.       Composition of the Board.—(1) The Governor Gilgit-Baltistan shall be Chief Patron of the Board. The Board shall consist of the following:-

(a)     Minister for Sports Gilgit-Baltistan         Chairman

(b)     Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan              Vice Chairman

(c)     Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan             Member

(d)     Secretary Finance Gilgit-Baltistan           Member

(e)     Secretary Local Government 

Gilgit-Baltistan                                       Member

(f)      Secretary Planning and Development 

Gilgit-Baltistan Member

(g)     Secretary Education Gilgit-Baltistan       Member

(h)     Three elected Public representatives 

of (GBLA) to be nominated by 

Chief Minister                                        Member

(i)      Three Seniors representatives of 

Sports Associations to be nominated 

by the Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan 

in consultation with the Chairman.         Member

(j)      Two representatives of Women Sports 

Associations to be nominated by the 

Secretary Sports                                     Member

(k)     Director General Gilgit-Baltistan 

Sports Board                                          Secretary

(l)      Two leading Sportsmen to be nominated 

by the Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan  Member

(m)    Two Philanthropists to be nominated 

by the Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan 

in consultation with the Chairman          Member

(2)     An official member appointed by virtue of his office shall cease to be member on vacating such office.

(3)     A non-official member shall, unless he resigns by addressing a letter to Chairman of the Board or is removed earlier, hold office for a period of two years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for a term not exceeding one year.

(4)     If the seat of a non-official member becomes vacant during the term of his office, the vacancy may be filled in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (1), and the member so appointed shall hold office for the residue of such term.

5.       Removal of a Member of the Board.—The committee may, by order in writing, remove a non-official member, if he:-

(a)     Refuses or fails to discharge or becomes incapable of discharging his duties under this Act.

(b)     Has in the opinion of the board abused his position as member.

(c)     Has without reasonable cause, absented himself from three consecutive meetings of the Board.

(d)     Has been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude.

6.       Functions of the Board.—The following shall be the functions of the Board namely:-

(i)      To organize, promote and develop sports and physical education in Gilgit-Baltistan, and lay down the general policy thereof.

(ii)     To foster love and enthusiasm for sports and games among all Sections of the public.

(iii)    To promote the formation and efficient functioning of the associations.

(iv)    To co-ordinate, encourage and patronize the activities directed towards the sports and games in the Gilgit-Baltistan.

(v)     To register sports associations, other sports organizations, Gilgit-Baltistan Olympic association and hold their elections.

(vi)    To receive any moneys, financial grants, donations or subscriptions from any person, body or organization.

(vii)   To give grants in aid to the associations for promotion and development of Sports and games.

(viii)  To ensure that grants given are utilized for the purpose and accordance with the object for which they are given.

(ix)    To do generally all-such acts and things as it may think to be necessary and conducive to achieve its aims and objects.

(x)     To arrange training and coaching programs.

(xi)    To approve annual budget for Gilgit-Baltistan Sports Board.

(xii)   To promote formation and efficient functioning of the association/Gilgit-Baltistan Olympic Association.

(xiii)  To ensure control establishment and maintenance of sports complex/stadia, gymnasiums at provincial and district headquarters of Gilgit-Baltistan.

(xiv)  To exercise overall administrative and functional control on all sports complex, stadia and play fields in Gilgit-Baltistan and to ensure their proper maintenance and utilization.

(xv)   To organize annual youth programs, sports competitions of various age groups in different games.

(xvi)  To do all such acts and take such steps as the Board considers necessary to fulfill its intended aims and objectives,

7.  Powers of the Board.—Subject to other provisions of this Act, the Board shall have full powers:-

(1)     To acquire and dispose of property and generally to enter into contracts, inconformity with the provisions of this Act.

(2)     To appoint and determine the terms and conditions of service of the officers and servants of the Board.

(3)     To formulate the budget of the Board for approval of Government.

(4)     To set up an Executive, Division, District or other committees for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

(5)     to delegate powers to the Committees, Secretary or other officers and servants of the Board.

(6)     To associate any person interested in any sport or game, or any member of any association whose assistance or advice is desired and to prescribe by regulations terms and conditions thereof; and

(7)     To frame, subject to the approval of Government, regulations for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

8.       The Board shall have full Powers.—To register/formation of sports associations/other sports organizations and Gilgit-Baltistan Olympic Association on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed under rules and regulations:-

(i)      To take such disciplinary action as may be necessary against any sports association in Gilgit-Baltistan, its office bearers or members or clubs/sportsmen in the interest of the sports and in order to maintain discipline.

(ii)     To withhold grant to such association/organization that violates any provision of its constitution, rules or bye-laws, or fails to carry out the directives of the Board.

9.       Executive Authority of the Board.--There shall be an executive authority of the Board constituted through official notification comprising of the following:-



10.     The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan, Secretary Finance, Secretary Education, Secretary P & D, Director Sports Board / Secretary of the Board, one elected-representative of GBLA to be nominated by Chief Minister Gilgit-Battistan. Two representatives of sports associations to be nominated by the Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan, one representative of women sports associations to be nominated by Secretary Sports Gilgit-Baltistan, in consultation with the Chairman.

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