[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part-II, 14th February, 2013]

S.R.O. 100(I)/2013, dated 13.2.2013.—In exercise of the powers conferred by the sub-section (1) of Section 3 read with Section 4 of the Sports (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962 (XVI of 1962), the Federal Government is pleased to provide for the following Constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board, namely:–



1.  Short title and commencement.—(1) This constitution may be called the Constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

(2)  It shall come into force at once.

2.  Definition.–In this Constitution, unless the context otherwise requires,—

(i)      "Acting Chairman" means the Acting Chairman of the Board;

(ii)     "active club" means a cricket club which,—

          (a)      has adopted the model constitution as formulated by the Board within a period of three months from the date on which model constitution is approved by the Board;

          (b)     has not less than sixteen playing members registered with the District Cricket Association to which it is affiliated;

          (c)      has formulated rules for regulating business and the conduct of its members;

          (d)     participates in every calendar year in at least two tournaments organized by the District Cricket Association to which it is affiliated;

          (e)      does not belong to any service organization or Department which is a member of the Board; and

          (f)      has the use of pitch where net practice is regularly held:

          Explanation.–For the purpose of this clause, not more than three cricket clubs may use the same pitch and nets.

(iii)    "Associate Member" means the associate member described under Paragraph 16;

(iv)    "Blind's Cricket Association" means an association of blind cricketers as recognized by the Board;

(v)     "Board" means the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB);

(vi)    "BOG" means the Board of Governors constituted under Paragraph 9;

(vii)   "Chairman" means Chairman of the Board;

(viii)  "Chief Executive Officer" means Chief Executive Officer of the Board;

(ix)    "Chief Financial Officer" means Chief Financial Officer of the Board;

(x)     "Chief Operating Officer" means Chief Operating Officer of the Board;

(xi)    "City Cricket Associations" means City Cricket Associations of Lahore, Karachi or any other city cricket association recognized and declared as such by the Board which may be considered as a region;

(xii)   "Committees" mean the Committees constituted under sub-paragraph (ix) of Paragraph 6;

(xiii)  "Deaf and Dumb Cricket Association" means an association of deaf and dumb cricketers as recognized and declared by the Board;

(xiv)  "Department" means a registered or incorporated entity whose team participates in the tournament organized by the Board;

(xv)   "District" means an administrative area notified as such by a Provincial Government as a District;

(xvi)  "District Cricket Association" means a Cricket Association of a District or, as the case may be, recognized by the Board;

(xvii) "Election Commissioner" means the Election Commissioner of the Board;

(xviii)          "Full member" means the full member described under Paragraph 15;

(xix)  "General Body" means the General Body of the Board constituted under Paragraph 14;

(xx)   "Honorary member" means honorary member described under paragraph 17;

(xxi)  "Nomination Committee" means a committee constituted to recommend the name of the Chairman to the BOG, comprising of two representatives of BOG and two representatives nominated by the Patron. The representatives of the BOG shall be one elected representative of the Regions and one elected representative of the Service Organizations on the BOG (the said two representatives shall be elected by the BOG);

(xxii) "Patron" means the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan;

(xxiii)          "Physically Handicapped Cricket Association" means cricket association of physically handicapped except blind and deaf and dumb recognized by the Board;

(xxiv)          "prescribed" means prescribed by the regulations;

(xxv) "Region" means an administrative area declared as such by the Board on recommendation of the Chairman;

(xxvi)          "Regional Cricket Association" means Cricket Association of a Region as recognized by the Board;

(xxvii) "Service Organization" means a body established by the Federal Government, a Provincial Government or a statutory corporation or a company established under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984);

(xxviii) "regulations” mean the regulations made under the Constitution; and

(xxix)          "Veterans Cricket Association" means cricket association of veterans recognized by the Board.



3.  Pakistan Cricket Board.—(1) There is hereby constituted a Board to be called as the Pakistan Cricket Board consisting of the following, namely:—

(a)     Chairman;

(b)     BOG; and

(c)     General Body.

(2)     The Board shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with powers to acquire, hold or dispose of property, moveable and immovable, and may sue or be sued in its name.

(3)     The Board shall, takeover the assets, liabilities whether contractual or otherwise, programmes, funds and executives and employees of the Board setup by Notification No. S.R.O. 64 (KE)/2007, dated the 20th September, 2007 on the commencement of this constitution.

4.  Objects and functions of the Board.—The objects and functions of the Board shall be to,—

(i)      promote and develop all forms of cricket in Pakistan;

(ii)     promote and regulate all formats of cricket among men, women, physically challenged, blind, veteran and deaf etc;

(iii)    maintain general control of the game of cricket in all formats and make regulations for that purpose;

(iv)    promote the formation of affiliated organizations;

(v)     setup codes relating to matters of discipline, anti-corruption, anti-doping and other issues concerning activities involving the game of cricket and take measures for its implementation;

(vi)    provide for the maintenance of discipline amongst its constituent members, all cricket bodies and persons under the control of such constituent members;

(vii)   regulate affiliation of constituent members, to fix fees and other conditions for the grant of such affiliation and to monitor the functioning of such members;

(viii)  seek affiliation from and grant the same to international bodies concerned with the advancement and control of cricket;

(ix)    co-ordinate activities in respect of the game of cricket in all manners and ways, the holding and organizing of tournaments and national and international matches, between its constituent members and other subordinate and affiliated bodies within the country or abroad;

(x)     collect funds and utilize them in an accountable and transparent manner for achieving its objectives;

(xi)    ensure proper and transparent application of funds collected by constituent members and the bodies affiliated thereto;

(xii)   undertake and control selection and composition of National Cricket Team and its officials for participation in cricket contests both within and outsidePakistan;

(xiii)  inculcate and promote discipline among the cricket teams and their supporting staff;

(xiv)  constitute tribunals or bodies to investigate or adjudicate upon disciplinary issues;

(xv)   take measures for the welfare and fitness of cricketers;

(xvi)  control and finance all touring teams and to undertake ancillary steps;

(xvii) make appointment of managers, coaches and other officials of the national teams;

(xviii)          engage or hire professional coaches, physiotherapists, trainers, groundsmen, doctors, experts and such other persons as may deemed appropriate for the development of the game of cricket in Pakistan;

(xix)  regulate the visits and tours abroad of the national teams and the teams of member associations and clubs and visits of foreign teams to Pakistan;

(xx)   standardize and control umpiring and scoring in cricket and to take necessary steps to ensure its maintenance and training at the high standards throughoutPakistan;

(xxi)  make regulations for admission, monitoring and control of its constituent or affiliated members and their representation on the Board;

(xxii) establish, own and operate libraries, museums and archives in connection with or related to the game of cricket in Pakistan;

(xxiii)          establish sports based television channel, web portals or any other cyberspace, print or electronic medium to achieve the objects as provided herein;

(xxiv)          organize and hold matches or other events for the benefit of cricketers, umpires and support personnel and any other charitable cause;

(xxv) develop the cricket infrastructure in Pakistan and in this regard to undertake any act deemed appropriate for the same including but not limited to own, acquire, deal with, obtain or let on lease moveable and immovable property, apply for, acquire or issue any license, construct, maintain or develop cricket stadium, grounds, academies and such other venues and property as may be expedient for the promotion or development of cricket in Pakistan;

(xxvi)          transfer, lease, encumber, charge, mortgage and to deal with moveable and immovable property in such manner as deemed appropriate in the best interest of the Board;

(xxvii) invest any surplus funds available to the Board with a proper regulatory framework, and if deemed necessary, to appoint a reputed investment advisor to ensure maximum return on its investments;

(xxviii) raise fund or loans domestically or internationally and to raise funds if required, to receive financial aid or grants for the Board on such terms as deemed appropriate, and for this purpose, to mortgage any movable or immovable property;

(xxix)          provide terms and conditions and make service rules for its employees, players, affiliated associations or organizations in particular and for the betterment of cricket in Pakistan in general;

(xxx) subscribe and to abide by the International Cricket Council (ICC) directives, instructions, and regulations etc; and

(xxxi)          do all such acts and things as deemed necessary and/or conducive for carrying out its objects and functions.

5.       Patron.—(1) The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall be the Patron of the Board.

(2)  The Patron shall exercise powers and functions as provided in different provisions of this Constitution.

6.       Chairman.—(1) There shall be a Chairman appointed by the BOG in accordance with Part IV for a period of four years. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and shall inter alia exercise and perform the following powers and functions, namely:—

(a)     preside over all meetings of the Board;

(b)     summon the annual general meeting of the Board and the extraordinary general meeting;

(c)     summon the meetings of BOG;

(d)     adjourn the meetings;

(e)     fix the date, time and place of all meetings including adjourned meetings;

(f)      cast vote when votes are equally divided;

(g)     control or oversee income and expenditure in accordance with the budget approved by the BOG;

(h)     control and manage the affairs of the stadia, sports complexes, gymnasia and grounds or those placed under its charge, directly or through management committees or officials appointed for the purpose;

(i)      appoint the selection committee and other committees including their chairmen; and

(j)      take any other financial, administrative or management decisions as required for the functioning and operations of the Board;

(k)     recommend to the BOG for addition, alteration or deletion of a Region;

(l)      decide with regard to representation from time to time of Regions and Service Organizations through rotation on the BOG.

(2)     During the absence of the Chairman for a period of more than forty five days or in the event the Chairman tenders his resignation or in case of his death or in the event of the office of the Chairman falling vacant for any other reason, the BOG may elect and appoint an Acting Chairman from amongst its members, who may only exercise powers listed in Paragraph 6(1)(a) to (e) during the absence or till the appointment of the Chairman.

(3)     The Chairman during his leave from office or otherwise, may delegate any of his powers, in writing, to any other member of the BOG or the Chief Operating Officer.

7.  Chief Operating Officer.—(1) For effective performance of his functions, the Chairman shall be assisted by the Chief Operating Officer who shall be appointed by the Chairman with prior intimation to the Patron.

(2)     The Chief Operating Officer shall perform such functions and exercise such powers as the Chairman may assign or delegate.

(3)     The Chief Operating Officer shall report to the Chairman.

(4)     The terms and conditions of service of the Chief Operating Officer, such as qualification, experience, tenure, salary package, perquisites, etc., shall be as per service rules for employees of the Board.

(5)  The Chief Operating Officer may sub-delegate any of his functions to any other officer of Board with permission of the Chairman.

8.       Chief Financial Officer.—(1) There shall be a Chief Financial Officer of the Board who shall be appointed by the Chairman.

(2)     The Chief Financial Officer shall perform such functions and exercise such financial powers as the Chairman may assign or delegate.

(3)     The Chief Financial Officer shall report to the Chairman except in matters and powers delegated by the Chairman to the Chief Operating Officer.

(4)     The terms and conditions of service of Chief Financial Officer, such as qualification, experience, tenure, salary package, perquisites etc., shall be as per service rules for employees of the Board.

9.       Composition of BOG.—(1) For managing the affairs of the Board, there shall be a BOG consisting of,—

(a)     Chairman;

(b)     Five duly elected Regional Presidents on basis of rotation as per the applicable regulations of the Board, from amongst,—

          (i)      Abbottabad Region;

          (ii)     Bahawalpur Region;

          (iii)    Dera Murad Jamali Region;

          (iv)    Faisalabad Region;

          (v)     Federally Administered Tribal Area Region;

          (vi)    Hyderabad Region;

          (vii)   Islamabad Region;

          (viii)  Karachi Region;

          (ix)    Lahore Region;

          (x)     Larkana Region;

          (xi)    Multan Region;

          (xii)   Peshawar Region;

          (xiii)  Quetta Region;

          (xiv)  Rawalpindi Region; and

          (xv)   Sialkot Region.

(c)     five members who are representatives of Service Organizations and Departments who are Full Members of the Board and shall elect their representatives from amongst themselves through election conducted by the Board;

(d)     two non-voting members who are eminent persons, having distinction in the fields of management, corporate, law and other related fields, appointed by the BOG from a panel of three names recommended by the Chairman in consultation with the Patron; and

(e)     two non-voting members who are former test cricketer appointed by the BOG on recommendation of the Chairman.

(2)     In the event the Regional President completes his tenure or his office falls vacant for any reason whatsoever, such Regional President shall ipso factostands removed from the BOG:

Provided that five duly elected Presidents of five Regions shall be determined by the Chairman for representation on BOG, however, while such determination, it shall be ensured that the representative of the Region is not reappointed until all Regions have had their representation by rotation on the BOG:

Provided further that at any given time, all Provinces shall be represented on the BOG.

(3)     All members of the BOG shall be elected or appointed for a term of one year.

(4)     A member of the BOG who fails to attend three consecutive meetings in a year shall ipso facto cease to be member and the election or appointment process shall be initiated in consonance with the provisions hereof:

Provided that in pursuance of sub-paragraph (5) below, if such member is removed, he shall not be eligible to contest election for BOG or for any other post of the Board whether honorary or otherwise, for a period of two years:

Provided further that the member elected under this sub-paragraph shall be member of the BOG for the remaining term.

(5)     The Chairman may, after giving reasons in writing, refer any complaint relating to a member of the BOG involving conduct unbecoming of a member, to an adjudicator from the panel of adjudicators maintained by the Board under Part VIII. Any member against whom such proceedings are initiated shall not be allowed to attend any meeting of the BOG or any committee till the decision of the adjudicator. In the event the adjudicator concludes that the allegations against the member stands proved, the said member shall be removed from BOG with immediate effect. Any such member shall be ineligible to contest any elections held under the auspices of the Board for a period of five years.

(6)     The Chief Operating Officer shall attend all meetings of the BOG but shall not be entitled to vote.

(7)     There shall be a secretary of the BOG appointed by the Chairman to record and maintain minutes of the meeting.

10.     Meeting of BOG.—(1) At least one meeting of the BOG shall be convened in every quarter of a calendar year by the Chairman.

(2)     The quorum of the meeting shall be twenty-five per cent of total voting membership of the BOG.

(3)     If, at any meeting, there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned to a day not earlier than seven days therefrom:

Provided that the members who were not present in the original meeting shall be given notice of the adjourned meeting.

(4)     The Chairman shall convene a special meeting of the BOG within fifteen days of the date of receipt of a requisition, in writing, from not less than fifty per cent of total voting membership of the BOG.

(5)     All decisions at a meeting shall be taken by majority vote.

(6)     No proxy shall be allowed to attend or vote at any meeting of the BOG.

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