[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part-II, 26th January 2013]

S.R.O. 5(KE)/2013, dated 23.1.2013. In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 33 of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 (XXXIV of 1997), read with clause (xxxiii) of Section 2 thereof, the Federal Agency, with approval of the Federal Government is pleased to make the following regulations, namely :—

1.  Short title, application and commencement.–(1) These Regulations may be called the Prohibition of Non-degradable Plastic Products (manufacturing, sale and usage) Regulations, 2013.

(2)     These Regulations apply to the Islamabad Capital Territory.

(3)     They shall come into force on 1st April, 2013.

2.       Definitions.–In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires,–

(a)     "Act" means the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 (XXXIV of 1997),

(b)     "authorized officer" means a person authorized in writing for the purposes of these regulations by the Director General;

(c)     "Director General" means the Director General of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and any person authorized by him in writing to act on his behalf;

(d)     "distribute" means to make any plastic product directly or indirectly available to users or intermediaries, with or without charge;

(e)     "non-degradable plastic product" means a plastic product that is not a product defined in clause (f).

(f)      "oxo-biodegradable plastic product" means a product made of polymer containing a pro-degradant additive supplied by an additive supplier registered with the Agency;

(g)     "oxo-biodegradation" means degradation resulting from oxidative and cell mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or successively;

(h)     "pro-degradant additive" means a chemical formulation containing a transition metal salt, except cobalt, which will cause the polymer to degrade by a process of oxo-biodegradation;

(l)      "person" includes a company or institution;

(j)      "scheduled plastic product" means all disposable plastic products, including those listed in the Schedule and made wholly or substantially of polyethylene or polypropylene or polystyrene;

(k)     "stockpile" means to store for the purpose of trade or distribution;

3.       Prohibition of manufacture, sate and use of non-degradable scheduled plastic products.–(1) No person shall import, manufacture, stockpile, trade, supply, distribute, sell or use any scheduled plastic product which is non-degradable.

(2)     Any license or permission for the manufacture, sale, importation or distribution of non-degradable plastic products issued under any law before the commencement of these regulations shall cease to be effective and no holder of any such license or permission shall commence or carry on business of manufacturing, selling, importing or distributing non-degradable scheduled plastic products.

4.       Authorization.–No pro-degradant additive shall be sold, distributed or imported by any company or manufacturer of scheduled plastic product without registration with the Agency. In order to obtain the registration of pro-degradant additive from the Agency, the applicant shall submit the following documents as a minimum namely :—

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