(a)     test certificates for additive from independent third party laboratory that is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025. Tests must be carried out in accordance with the test methods pre scribed by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) / ASTM D-6954 – 04 standard and the reports must clearly state the percentage of pro-degradant additive which must be consistent for all the tests namely degradation, bio-degradation and eco-toxicity;

(b)     certificate of membership of Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association, and

(c)     certificate of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

(2)     Oxo biodegradable carry bags and containers made of virgin plastic shall be in a natural shade or white and containers used for purposes other than storing and packaging foodstuffs shall be manufactured using pigments and colorants as per ISO 787/1-1982. Entitled "General Methods of Test for Pigments and Extenders".No scheduled plastic product shall be made in black color except for garbage sacks.

(3)     Recycled scheduled plastic products shall be marked "Recycled plastic, unsafe for contact with food".

5.       Identification.–All scheduled plastic products made with oxo-biodegradable plastic and all packaging in which such products are offered for sale, shall be prominently marked "Oxo-biodegradable" and shall bear the identifying mark or logo of the supplier of the pro-degradant additive.

6.       Enforcement.–(1) An authorized officer may, by notice in writing, require a person to supply him within fifteen days with such samples, certificates, records and information as he may reasonably require for the purpose of ascertaining whether that person is complying with the provisions of these regulations.

(2)  Where an authorized officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a person has contravened any regulation, he may proceed against the offender in accordance with Section 16 of the Act.

7.       Penalty.–Whoseever contravenes provisions of regulations 3 and 5 shall be punishable under Section 17 of the Act.

8.       Appeal.–(1) Any person, aggrieved by any action taken under regulation 6, may, within thirty days, prefer appeal to the Environmental Protection Tribunal constituted under Section 20 of the Act.

(2)  Aggrieved person may refer appeal to the Islamabad High Court against orders of the Tribunal as provided in Section 23 of the Act.


[See Regulation 2(j)]

Polyethylene, Polypropylene or Polystyrene products

1.       Carrier bags or shopper-bags which consumers use to take away their purchases from a retail outlet.

2.       Bread bags and food packaging, including frozen food packaging.

3.       Garbage bags.

4.       Shrink-wrap, pallet-wrap, bubble-wrap

5.       Agricultural mulching films.

6.       Woven plastic bags.

7.       BOPP, CPP and Metalized Plastic films.

8.       Agricultural films and netting with an intended service life of less than three years.

9.       Milk and water packaging.

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