(d)     "Special Prosecutor" means a Special Prosecutor appointed under Section 50 of the Act on the terms and conditions specified in these rules.

3.  Appointment of Special Prosecutor.—(1) The Special Prosecutor shall be a person who is a citizen of Pakistan and practicing as an advocate of a High Court with experience in legal matters preferably of dealing with drug cases and criminal cases, and shall neither have been guilty of misconduct during his professional career nor convicted of any offence of moral turpitude nor dismissed from Government service nor declared as an insolvent.

(2)  The Special Prosecutor may be appointed by the Director General, Anti Narcotics Force in consultation with Law and Justice Division on such monthly retainership fee as may be agreed upon through an agreement executed between the Special Prosecutor and the authorized officer in this behalf.

4.  Terms of appointment.—(1) The Special Prosecutor shall conduct proceedings under the Act in narcotics cases on behalf of the Federal Government before special Courts and appellate Courts and shall not appear in any narcotics case in defence of an accused.

(2)     Where a Special Prosecutor commits any act or omission against interest of the Government or intentionally does not pursue a case assigned to him, his appointment may be terminated on two months prior notice by Director General, Anti Narcotics Force.

(3)     A Special Prosecutor may, by writing under his hand, with either a notice of at least two months in advance to the Director General, Anti Narcotics Force of forfeiting his retainership fee for the period falling short of the notice period, terminate the agreement.

(4)     Where a Special Prosecutor is appointed in a particular case, he shall be paid fifty per cent of the fee in advance and the remaining amount shall be paid on completion of the trial by the Court including the appellate Court as mutually agreed.