1ACT No. XII OF 1884

[24th July, 1884]

An Act to amend and provide for the extension of the Northern India Takkavi Act, 1879.

Preamble. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the Northern India Tak­kavi Act, 1879 (X of 1879), and provide for it extension to 2[any province] ; It is hereby enacted as follows:-­

1. Short title.–(1) This Act may be called the Agriculturists" Loans Act, 1884 ; and

Commencement. (2) It shall come into force on the first day of August, 1884.

32. Local Extent.–(1) This section and section 3 extend to 4[the whole of Pakistan].

5[(2) The rest of this Act extends in the first instance to Sind, the Karachi Division, the Punjab, the North-West Frontier and District of Sylhet.]


1For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Gazette of India, 1884, Pt. V, p. 2 ; for Proceedings in Council, see ibid., Supplement, pp. 41, 165 and 1130.

This Act has been extended to the Leased Areas of Baluchistan, see the Leased Areas (Laws) Order, 1950 (G. G. O. 3 of 1950) ; and applied in the Federated Areas of Baluchistan, see Gazette of India, 1937, Pt. I, p. 1499.

This Act has been amended in its application to the Province of Punjab, by Punjab Act No. 10 of 1951 and Act. 5 of 1955, s. 2.

This Act has been applied to Phulera in the Excluded Area of Upper Tanawal to the extent the Act is applicable in the N.W.F.P., subject to certain modifications; and also extended to the Excluded Area of Upper Tanawal (N.W.F.P.) other than Phulera with effect from such date and subject to such modifications as may be notified-see N.W.F.P. (Upper Tanawal) (Excluded Area) Laws Regulation, 1950. It has been amended in its appli­cation to Sind Province, see Sind Act 10 of 1941.

This Act has been repealed in its application to the Province of West Pakistan, by W. P. Act No. 17 of 1958, s. 5.

2Subs. by A, O., 1949, Sch., for “any part of British India”.

3S. 2 declared in force in Baluchistan by Baluchistan Reg. II of 1913, s. 3.

4Subs. by the Central Laws (Statute Reform) Ordinance, 1960 (21 of 1960), s. 3 and 2nd Sch. (with effect from the 14th October, 1955), for “all the Provinces and the Capital of the Federation” which had been subs. by A. O., 1949 Arts. 3 (2) and 4, for “the whole of British India”.

5The original sub-section (2) has successively been amended by A. O., 1949, Sch., the Federal Laws (Revision and Declaration) Act, 1951 (26 of 1951), Ord. 21 of 1960, s. 3 and 2nd Sch. (with effect from the 14th October, 1955), the Repealing and Amending Ordinance, 1961 (1 of 1961), s. 3, and 2nd Sch., and A. O., 1964, Art. 2 and Sch., to read as above.    

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