An Ordinance to make provision for the removal of danger to the safety of aircraft.

WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the removal of danger to the safety of aircraft caused by the location of bird attracting sites around certain airfields ;

AND WHEREAS the National Assembly is not in session and the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render immediate legislation necessary ;

NOW, THEREFORE in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 29 of the Constitution, and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance :-

1. Short title, extent and commencement.-(1) This Ordinance may be called the Aircraft (Removal of Danger to Safety) Ordinance, 1965.

(2) It extends to the whole of Pakistan.

(3) It shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions. In this Ordinance, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,-

2[(a) " airfield " means all airports, aerodromes or runways of Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force and including landing areas approved by the Director-General, Civil Aviation Authority, "specified area" means teh area lying within a sadins of ;]

(b) 2[seven nautical miles (13 kilometers) from the landing or take off ends of the runway and five nautical miles (9.25 kilometers) from both the shoulders of the entire length of the runway form either end of a runway of an air field.]

3. Measures to avoid attraction of birds.___(1) The 3[Federal Government may by order require the owner or the person in possession or having the management or control of any tannery, slaughter-house, cattle-yard, fish-drying area, refuse-dump or other place within a specified area which attracts birds to take within such period as may be specified in the order such measures for avoiding attraction of birds which may endanger the safety of aircraft as may be so specified 4[including closure of the source of such danger].


1 Approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan on the 16th July, 1965, see Gaz. of P., 1965, Ext., pp. 567-569.

2 Subs. by Ord. X of 2001, s. 2.

3 Subs. by F.A.O, 1975, Art. 2 and Table, for “Central Government”.

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