2. Definition: In this Ordinance –

(i) 'Board of Revenue' means the Board of Revenue, West Pakistan, as established under the West Pakistan Board of Revenue Act, 1957.

(ii) 'Government' means the government of West Pakistan.

3. Power to regulate the cultivation of Rice: 'The Board of Revenue may, by notification, prohibit or impose such restrictions on the cultivation of rice in such area as may be specified in the notification.

Provided that a cultivator shall be entitled to gather the standing crop raised by him before the issue of such notification.

4. Penalty: Whoever contravenes the provisions of tins Ordinance or rules made or directions issued thereunder shall, on a complaint made in writing by any Revenue Officer, be punished with fine which may extend to ten times the land revenue assessment chargeable for the crop or simple imprisonment exceeding six months or both.

5. Jurisdiction of Civil Courts: No Civil Court shall have jurisdiction to entertain any claim, suit, prosecution or any other legal proceedings for anything done, or intended to be done in good faith under the provisions of this Ordinance, or the rules made and directions issued thereunder

6. Power to make rules. For the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions of this Ordinance, the Board of Revenue may frame rules and issue such directions in the Form of Standing Orders as it may deem fit.

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