8-A. No promotion on regular basis shall be made to posts in basic pay scales 17 to 22 and equivalent unless the officer concerned has completed such minimum length of service, attended such training and passed such departmental examination, as may be prescribed from time to time.

8-B (1) Where the appointing authority considers it to be in the public interest to fill a post reserved under the rules for departmental promotion and the most senior civil servant belonging to the cadre or service concerned who is otherwise eligible for promotion does not possess the specified length of service the authority may appoint him to that post on acting charge basis.

�                  (2) *[Omitted].

�                  (3) In the case of a post in [basic pay scales 17 to 22 and equivalent], reserved under the rules to be filled by initial appointment, where the appointing authority is satisfied that no suitable officer [drawing pay in basic pay scale] in which the post exists is available in that category to fill the post and it is expedient to fill the post, it may appoint to that post on acting charge basis the most senior officer otherwise eligible for promotion in the organization, cadre or service, as the case may be, in excess of the promotion quota.

�                  (4) Acting charge appointment shall be made against posts which are likely to fall vacant for a period of six  months or more. Against vacancies occurring for less than six months, current charge appointment may be made according to the orders issued from time to time.

�                  (5) Appointment on acting charge basis shall be made on the recommendations of the Departmental Promotion Committee or the Central Selection Board, as the case may be, same in the case of [post in basic pay scale 22 and equivalent].

�                  (6) Acting charge appointment shall not amount to appointment by promotion on regular basis for any purpose including seniority.

�                  (7) Acting charge appointment shall not confer any vested right for regular promotion to the post [ ] held on acting charge basis.


9. Appointments by transfer shall be made from amongst the persons holding appointment on a regular basis in [posts in the same basic pay scale or equivalent to or identical with the posts to be filled].


4[10. Initial appointment to the All Pakistan Services, the Civil Services of the Federation and posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation in basic pay scales 16 and above or equivalent, except those which under the Federal Public Service Commission (Functions) Rules, 1978, do not fall within the purview of the Commission, shall be made on the basis of tests and examinations to be conducted by the Commission.

5[11. Initial appointments to posts in basic pay scales 1 to 15 and equivalent shall be made on the recommendations of the Departmental Selection Committee after the vacancies have been advertised in newspapers.

12. A candidate for initial appointment to a post must possess the educational qualifications and experience and, except as provided in the rules framed for the purpose of relaxation of age limit, must be within the age limit as laid down for the post.

Provided that unless otherwise specified in the method of appointment, qualifications and other conditions applicable to a post as laid down under sub rule (2) of rule 3, the experience prescribed for initial appointment shall be the post-qualification experience.

12-A.  Alteration in the date of birth.-The date of birth once recorded at the time of joining government service shall be final and thereafter no alteration in the date of birth of a civil servant shall be permissible.

* Omitted vide SRO 269(I)/2000, dt. 19.5.004 Substituted vide SRO 733(I)/03, dt 28.7.035 Substituted vide SRO 733(I)/03, dt 28.7.03

13.       A candidate for appointment shall be a citizen of Pakistan:

Provided that this requirement may be relaxed with the approval of the Establishment Division.

Provided further that, in the case of candidates to be appointed on temporary basis to posts in the Pakistan Missions abroad, such relaxation shall not be accorded for a period exceeding one year at a time.

14. Vacancies in the under-mentioned posts shall be filled on All-Pakistan basis in accordance with the merit and provincial or regional quotas prescribed by Government from time to time.

�                  (i)         All posts in basic pay scales 16 and above and equivalent.

�                  (ii)        Posts in basic pay scales 3 to 15 and equivalent in offices, which serve the whole of Pakistan6[:


“Provided that if no suitable person holding the domicile of the Province or Region to which a vacancy has been earmarked and fulfilling the prescribed qualifications is found even after the vacancy has been advertised twice, the appointing authority may fill up the vacancy on open merit on contract in the following manner, namely:­

�                  (i)         contract appointment shall be made initially for a period of one year, and if the post falls under the purview of the Federal Public Service Commission, the Commission shall be informed about contract appointment;

�                  (ii)        if nomination is not received from the Federal Public Service Commission within one year, contract appointment may in the public interest be extended for another one year; and


(iii)      the Federal Public Service Commission shall ensure that the nominations of the qualified candidates are made within a period of two years. If Federal Public Service Commission does not find a suitable candidate, it shall advise the appointing authority, for extension in the contract.”]

1                    Vacancies in posts in basic pay scales 3 to 15 and equivalent in offices which serve only a particular province or region shall be filled by appointment of persons domiciled in the province or region concerned.

2                    Vacancies in posts in basic pay scales 1 and 2 and equivalent shall ordinarily be filled on local basis.

3                    A candidate for appointment must be in good mental and bodily health and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the discharge of his duties. A candidate who after such medical examination as Government may prescribe is found not to satisfy these requirements, shall not be appointed.


6 Inserted vide SRO 784(i)/02, dt.7..11.02


1                    When under the Federal Public Service Commission (Functions) Rules, 1978, a post is required to be filled through the Commission, the appointing authority shall forward a requisition to the Commission on a prescribed form immediately. In exceptional cases, ad hoc appointment may, however, be made for a period of six months or less with prior clearance of the Commission as provided in rule 19; and

2                    When the appointing authority considers it to be in public interest to fill a post falling within the purview of Commission urgently pending nomination of a candidate by the Commission, it may proceed to fill it on ad hoc basis for a period of six months or less after obtaining prior clearance of the Commission. The post shall be advertised and the same procedures as laid down for initial appointment in Part III shall be followed in making ad hoc appointments.

3                    Short term vacancies in the posts falling within the purview of the Commission and vacancies occurring as a result of creation of temporary posts for a period not exceeding six months, may be filled by the appointing authority otherwise that through the Commission on a purely temporary basis after advertising the vacancy.



21. (1) Persons appointed by initial appointment, promotion or transfer shall be on probation for a period of one year.

�                  (2) The period of probation may be curtailed for good and sufficient reasons, to be recorded, or, if considered necessary, it may be extended for a period not exceeding one year as may be specified at the time of appointment.

�                  (3) On the successful completion of probation period, the appointing authority shall, by specific order, terminate the probation.

�                  (4) If no order is issued under sub-rule (3), on the expiry of the first year of probation period, the period of probation shall be deemed to have been extended under sub-rule (2):


Provided that, subject to the provisions of proviso to sub-section (2) of section 6 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973 in the absence of an order under sub-rule (3), the period of probation shall, on the expiry of the extended period under sub-rule (2), be deemed to have successfully been completed.


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