[The Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part II, February 28, 1993]


          S.R.O. 163 (1)/93. — In exercise of the powers conferred by section 25 of the Civil Servants Act, 1973 (LXXI of 1973), read with Section 8 thereof, the President is pleased to make the following rules, namely: —


          1.         Short title, application and commencement. — (1) These rules may be called the Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules, 1993.

          (2)      They shall apply to all civil servants except those governed under: —

                   (a)      The Police Service of Pakistan (Composition Cadre and Seniority) Rules, 1985;

                   (b)      The Occupational Groups and Services (Probation, Training and Seniority) Rules, 1990; and

(c)      The Establishment Division’s O.M. No. 1/2/74 ARC, dated 23rd March, 1976, and as amended from time to time.

          (3)      They shall come into force at once.


          2.        Seniority on initial appointment. — (1) Persons initially appointed on the recommendations of the selection authority through an earlier open advertisement shall rank senior to those appointed through a subsequent open advertisement.

          (2)      If two or more persons are recommended in open advertisement by the selection authority their inter se senior-ity shall be determined in order of merit assigned by the selection authority.

          (3)      If only one candidate is recommended in open advertisement by the selection authority, he shall count his seniority form —

(a)     The date of recommendation by the selection authority, if he was already holding in the same post on ad hoe basis; and

(b)     The date of his joining the post after being recommended by the selection authority if he was not alrea-dy holding the same post.


          3.         Seniority on promotion. — Seniority in a service, cadre or post to which a civil servant is promoted shall take effect from the date of regular promotion to that service cadre or post.


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