1st June, 1954


Whereas the governor-general and the Governors of East Bengal, the Punjab, Sind and the North-West Frontier Province have agreed that there shall he constituted a service of the Federation to he known as the Civil Service of Pakistan and that certain posts in connection with the affairs of the Provinces shall be filled by members of the Service and specify, as tar as need he, the conditions of service of its members, whether serving in posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation or of a Province.

Now, therefore, in pursuance of that agreement, and in exercise of the powers conferred by subsections (1) and (2) of section 241 of the Government of India Act, 1935, and of all other provisions empowering him in this behalf, the governor-general is pleased to make the following Rules:-


1.       These Rules may be cited as the Civil Service of Pakistan (Composition and Cadre) Rules, 1954.

2.         In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires-

(a)      “ Cadre post”  means any duty post included in the Schedule ;

(b)      “ Commission”  means the Federal Public Service Commission ;

(c)      “ Schedule  means the Schedule to these Rules ;

(d)      “ Service  means the Civil Service of Pakistan.

3.       (1) Appointments to the Cadre posts shall be made by the President in accordance with rules to be made by him for the purpose.

(2)      Every person not being a member of the Service, who is appointed to a cadre post in accordance with the rules regulating such appointment shall,-

(a)      On his appointment to that post becomes a member of the Service; and

(b)      On his confirmation in the Service, ceases to be a member of the Service, if any, to which he belonged immediately before such confirmation.

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