Cotton Transport Act,1923

ACT NO.III of 1923

An Act to provide for the restriction Mud control of the transport of cotton in certain circumstances.


WHERE As it is expedient for the purpose of maintaining the quality and reputation of the cotton grown in certain areas in Pakistan to enable the restriction and control of the transport by rail and the import of cotton of into those areas; It is hereby enacted as follows:


1. Shot title and extent. (1) This Act may be called the Cotton Transport Act,1923.


2. Definitions.- In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,

(a) "Certified copy ", in relation to a licence, means a copy of the licence certified in the manner described in section 76 of the Evidence Act, 1872, by the authority by which the licence was granted;

(b) "Cotton" means every kind of unmanufactured cotton, that is to say ginned, and unginned cotton, cotton waste and cotton seed;

(c) "Cotton waste" means droppings, strippings, fly and other waste products of a cotton- mill other than yarn waste;

(d) "Licence" means a licence granted under this Act;

(e) "Notified station" means a railway station specified in a notification under section 3;

(f) "Prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act; and

(g) "Protected area" means an area into which import of cotton or of any kind of cotton has been prohibited wholly or partly by a notification under section 3.


3. Power to issue notification prohibiting import of cotton into protected area.-(1) The [Provincial Government] may, for the purpose of maintaining the quality or reputation of the cotton grown in any area in the province, by notification in the [official Gazette], prohibit the import of cotton or of any specified kind of cotton into that area [by rail, road river and sea, or by any one or more of such routes] save under, and in accordance with the conditions of, a licence:

Provided that no such notification shall be deemed to prohibit the import into any protected area of packages containing any kind of cotton and not exceeding ten pounds avoirdupois weight.


(2) Any such notification may prohibit the delivery to, and the taking of delivery by, any person, at any specified railway station situated in the protected area, of any cotton, the import of which [by rail] into that area is prohibited when such cotton has been consigned from a railway station not situated in that area, unless such person holds a licence for the import [by rail] of the cotton into that area.

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