1. 'General Supply' means supply for domestic purposes, e.g., for lamps, fans, radiators, domestic water-heaters, cookers, etc., and small motors of aggregate capacity less then 4 kilowatts.


2. 'Industrial Supply' means a supply for industrial, agricultural, irrigation and pumping purposes and includes supply for lamps and fans on the premises of a consumer up to but not exceeding a total of ten percent of the supply required for motive power.

3. 'Bulk Supply' means supply given to :-

(i) A licensee for purposes of local distribution in his area of supply;

(ii) A consumer other than a licensee, who offers :

(a) A mixed load of not less then 10 kilowatts at one point of supply consisting not only of lighting fans and heating but also involving the use of electricity for motive power purposes; and

(b) Undertakes to do his own distribution of energy on the premises for which supply is given.

4. 'Temporary Unmetered Supply' means supply for illumination purposes and/or table fans, for special occasions, viz. festivals, fairs, marriages, etc. such will be given only where it is not practicable to give a metered supply and there are no chances of abuse. It will be given for a period of thirty days or less.

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