5. 'Connected load' means the sum of the rated capacities of all the energy consuming apparatus in the consumer's installation which can be operated simultaneously.

6. 'Maximum demand' means the highest demand in any month measured over successive periods each of 30 minutes durations.

7. 'Demand charge' means the charge for any month in respect of the Departments 'readiness to serve' the consumer, and is based upon the connected load or maximum demand as the case may be.


8. 'Energy charge 'means the charge for energy actually taken by the consumer and is applicable to the unit consumed by him in any month.

9. The average power factor at any point of supply must not be less than 80 percent and in the event of the said power factor being found to be less then 80 percent consumer shall be liable to have his installation disconnected from the Department supply system until the power factor had been brought up to 80 percent by methods approved by the


10. Any consumer whose Connected Load is 70 KW or less should necessarily be charged on Connected Load basis. Any consumer whose Connected Load exceed 70 kw shall have option of being charged on either Connected Load basis or Maximum Demand but once the option has been exercised it must be maintained for at least one year.

11. If the payment of the Department's bill for industrial or bulk supply rendered under clause 19 of the Abridged Conditions of Supply is not made within 15 days of the date of its presentation a surcharge of 5 percent on the cost of energy consumed (excluding rental) shall be levied.


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