Filing of Monthly Return Rules, 1996



In exercise of the powers conferred by section 50 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990, read with Section 26 thereof, the Central Board of Revenue is pleased to make the following rules, namely:


1.    Short title, application and commencement:-


(1)    These Rules may be called Filing of Monthly Return Rules, 1996.


(2)    These shall apply to all registered persons who are required to file tax return under section 26 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.


(3)    These shall come into force on and from the first day of July, 1996.



2.    Definitions:-


In these Rules, unless there is anything repugnant, to the subject or context,–


(i)    “Act” means the Sales Tax Act, 1990;


(ii)    “Agreement” means the agreement executed between the Central Board of Revenue and the Bank for the purpose of payment of tax and submission of tax returns;


(iii)    “Bank” means the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan;


(iv)    “Return” means the sales tax return-cum-payment challan in the form as at Annex-A; and


(v)    “Nil return” means the return indicating that no sales tax is payable by the registered person in respect of the tax period to which the tax return relates.


3.     All other terms and expression used but not defined in these rules shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them under the Act.


4.    Filing of Return : —


(1)    Every registered person shall file the return, in triplicate, in accordance with the instructions printed on its reserve in the Bank located in the jurisdiction of the Collectorate where he is registered


(2)    The registered person shall deposit the amount of sales tax indicated as “sales tax payable” in the return at the time of filing of return in the Bank.


(3)    In case no amount of sales tax is payable by the registered person, he shall file Nil return in the Bank without depositing any amount.


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