Form of Nikahnama as prescribed by Rule 8 of the Muslim Family Laws Rules, 1961

1 Name of Ward,Town/Union, Tehsil/ Thanaand District in which the marriage took place.  
2 Name of the bridegroom and his father, with their respective residence  
3 Age of bridegroom  
4 The names of the bride and her father, with their respective residences  
5 Whether the bride is a maiden, a widow or a divorce  
 6 Age of the bride  
7 Name of Vakil, if any appointed by the bride, father’s name and his residence  

The name of the witnesses to the appointment of the bride’s Vakil, with their fathers’

names, their residence and their relationship with the bride:


Name of the Vakil, if any, appointed by the bridegroom, his father’s name and his



The names of the witnesses to the appointment of the bridegroom’s Vakil, with their

father’s names and their residences :

11 Names of the witnesses to the marriage, their father’s names and their residences:  
12 Date on which the marriage was contracted  
13 Amount of dower  
14 How much of the dower is mu’wajjal (prompt) and how much mu’ajjal (deferred)  
15 Whether any portion of the dower was paid at the time of marriage. If so, how much  

Whether any property was given in lieu of the whole or any portion of the dower with

specification of the same and its valuation agreed to between the parties.

17 Special conditions, if any  

Whether the husband has delegated the power of divorce to the wife, if so, under what


19 Whether the husband’s right of divorce in any way curtailed  

Whether any document was drawn up at the time of marriage relating to dower,

maintenance, etc. If so contents thereof in brief


Whether the bridegroom has any existing wife, and if so, whether he has secured the

permission of the Arbitration Council under the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, to contract another marriage


Number and date of the communication conveying to the bridegroom the permission of

the Arbitration Council to contract another marriage

23 Name and address of the person by whom the marriage was solemnized and his father  
24 Date of registration of marriage  

Registration fee paid



Signature of the bridegroom or his Vakil



Signature of the witness to the appointment of bridge groom’s Vakil




Signature of the wakil of the bride



Signature of the bride




Signatures of the witnesses to the marriage.


1.                   ——————————–


2.                   ——————————–


Signature of the witness to the be appointment  of the wakil of the bride




Signature of the person who

solemnize the marriage




Signature and seal of the Nikah Registrar.







The Nazim Union Council,
____________________ , .
Subject:       Notice Of Dissolution Of Marriage.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your record that I, _______________________________________ son of _______________________________________, R/O   ____________________  have irrevocably divorced my wife _______________________________________ daughter of _______________________________________. Our marriage has dissolved with immediate effect and we are no more husband and wife. Please record this divorce and issue certificate of divorce. Copies of the Divorce Deed, Nikah Nama and National I.D. card are enclosed.
Yours truly,

_______________________________________ [Husband]

NIC No. ………………………

Copy to Ms. _______________________________________ daughter of _______________________________________  r/o _______________________________________.



Whereas A Marriage Contract was entered into on the ___________ between me, _____________________ son of ____________________ resident of ___________________________of  the one part, and

Ms. __________________ daughter of ________________________________resident of ______________________ of the other part.

And Whereas this marriage is unconsummated till date.  the parties in the first instance wanted to give effect to this marriage, consummate it after “Rukhsati” and to live amicably. But later, before “Rukhsati” could take place, differences cropped up and there were constant quarrels and unhappy alterations which gave rise to bad blood between the parties and in spite of repeated efforts of the parties’ relations to bring about a settlement the affairs of the parties went from bad to worse. This situation led to mutual hatred between the parties and no alternative having been left with me but to divorce the other party;

NOW this deed witnesses that, the said ________________________ [Husband], do hereby divorce the said Ms. _____________________________ [Wife], absolutely, completely and irrevocably, by pronouncing upon her talak and by severing all connections of husband and wife with her for ever and for good.

I, the said ______________________ son of _________________________ divorce you, __________________ daughter of ____________________ three times, irrevocably and completely, I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you.

Therefore  the said Ms.______________ stands under no obligation to me as wife and it is lawful for her to contract marriage with whomsoever she may choose to do.

In Witness Whereof, I, the said ____________________ do hereby set my hand to this deed of divorce this ___________ day of __________________, year___________ .

______________ [Husband]

NIC No.____________________



[See rule 4(3)]

In connection with the Marriage of Mrs.—————–D/o————————with Mr.————————S/o—————–held on———at——————

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