In exercise of the powers conferred by section 51 of the CDA Ordinance 1960 (XXII of 1960), read with section 11 thereof, the Capital Development Authority has been pleased to make the following Regulation as being expedient:-




  1. Short Title, Extent & Commencement.

(1) This Regulation may be called the Islamabad Capital Territory (Zoning) Regulation, 1992

(2) It extends to the Islamabad Capital Territory.

(3) It shall come into force at once.

  1. Definitions.

In this Regulation, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:

(1) “Agro-Industries: means processing of agriculture produce;

(2) “Agro-oriented use” means uses related to the production of agricultural products through cultivation/plantation;

(3) “Agro/Model Village” means an existing village meant to be upgraded or a new village established by the Authority to become a model for other villages;

(4) “Authority” means the Capital Development Authority constituted under section 4 of the CDA Ordinance, 1960,(xxii of 1960);

(5) “Community Farming: means an agro-oriented scheme organized on cooperative or community basis;

(6) “Scrutiny Fee”/”Service Charges” means a fee to be determined and levied by the Authority for services rendered;

(7) “Conservation/Preservation” means protection of an area from any alterations which may destroy or change its character;

(8) “Completion Certificate” means a certificate of completion of a house, group of houses, housing scheme, farming scheme developed in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulation, issued by the Authority;

(9) “Existing House” means a cluster of one or more habitable rooms fit form living and in existence before the coming into force of this Regulation;

(10) “Existing Village means a village as enumerated/listed in the 1981-Census Report of Islamabad District;

(11) “Farming” Scheme: means a planned scheme for orchard or a vegetable farm and does not include poultry and livestock farming except for a limited number of animals as necessary for personal use or tillage;

(12) “Forest” means and includes all protected, reserved and designated forest, grass- land and range land;

(13) “I.C.T.” means the Islamabad Capital Territory as defined under the Capital Territory Local Government Ordinance 1979;

(14) “Illegal Construction” means construction carried out without the permission of the Authority and in contravention of rules and regulations or any laws for the time being in force in the ICT;

(15) “Individual Farm” means an agro-oriented farm of a minimum area of 2.5 acres;

(16) “Layout Plan” means a detailed land use plan;

(17) “Live-stock” means breeding and rearing of cattle, sheep, goat, horses, buffaloes, etc.;

(18) “Main Body of village” means the main cluster of houses in a village as defined by the revenue record or as declared by the Authority;

(19) “Master Plan” means the Master Plan of Islamabad Capital Territory;

(20) “Native Resident” means an original inhabitant of a village who has an ancestral house there and is a registered voter of the same village;

(21) “NOC” means no objection certificate issued by the Authority;

(22) “PCATP” means Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners;

(23) “Sectoral Area “ means the urban body of the ICT comprising residential, institutional, industrial and other such sectors;

(24) “Structure” includes temporary or permanent structure used for any purpose;

(25) “Sub_Urban Centre” means a large sized central village meant to be upgraded as a focal point of services and facilities catering to social, cultural, business and trade requirements of the surrounding villages;

(26) “Union Council” means a union council constituted under the Capital Territory Local Government Ordinance, 1979(xxxix of 1979);

(27) “Zone” means an area as specified in paragraph 3 of the Regulation.





  1. Delineation of Zones.

For the purpose of this Regulation the entire Islamabad Capital Territory shall be divided into the following five zones as delineated in the annexed Master Plan and specified below:-


1)                   Zone-1   

This zone constitutes sectors upto the existing alignment of the G.T. road from the point of intersection of G.T. road with Shahrah-e-Kashmir to the point of the Nicolson Monument inclusive of sector H-14, H-15, H-16, H-17, I-14, I-15, I-16, I-17


2)                   Zone –2

The zone consists  of an area bounded by G.T. road in the north & north east, north of Shahrah-e-Kashmir and Capital limits in the west, comprising residential sectors G-15  (part), G-16, G-17, F-15 (part), F-16, F-17, E-15 (part), E-16, E-17, D-16, D-17, C-17, AND B-17.


3)                   Zone –3

Margallah Hills National Park as notified under section  21 of the Islamabad Wild Life (Protection, Preservation, Conservation & Management) Ordinance. 1979, Other protected ranges, forest areas and un-acquired land falling between the Margallah Hills & north of Murree Road shall constitute this zone.


4)                   Zone-4

This zone comprises Islamabad Park and rural periphery wedged between Murree  road towards north and Lehtrar road towards south and extending beyond Simly road upto the ICT limits in the north east. This zone excludes the part of Margallah Hills National Park and Rawal Lake.


5)                   Zone-5

This zone comprises areas falling south of Islamabad Park and extending upto outer limits of ICT towards south, south west and south east.








  1. Development Strategies of Zones.

The development of land in the zones shall be subject to the following conditions:


  1. Un-acquired Sectoral Areas:

In these areas of Zone-1,

(i)                   land shall be acquired under a phased programme and developed by the Authority in accordance with the land use pattern spelled out in the Master plan;

(ii)                 no sale/ purchase of land which entails change in land use shall be allowed;

(iii)                no construction of houses or buildings shall be allowed. However, repair of old houses and expansion of existing houses may be allowed by the Authority to the native residents subject to the conditions that the site is located within the main body of the village. The covered area of such construction shall not exceed 1000 Square feet including expansion and such permission shall not in any way impede the right of the Authority to acquire the property whenever needed and

(iv)               no private scheme of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed, except in sector E-11, Schemes in E-11 will regulated according to the provisions applicable to schemes in Zone-2


  1. Un-acquired portion of Right-of-Way of Khyaban-I-Sir Syed:

In this zone,

(i)                   Change of land use will be allowed only for commercial/residential purposes provided it is undertaken in the form of a planned scheme after approval of the Authority for a sizable area of not less than 1.25 acres,

(ii)                 Permission for such schemes shall be granted subject to the following conditions:

(a)                 the scheme shall be prepared by a qualified Town Planner registered with PCATP.

(b)                 No access will be made to or from Khyaban-I-Sir Syed   without the permission of the Authority .

(c)                 A clear strip of 20 ft. width will be left green along the Khyaban-e-Sir Syed to enable the Authority to merge it with the cross section of the Khyaban-e-Sir Syed for plantation.

(d)                 Development of the scheme shall be in accordance with the layout plan and services plan approved by the Authority.

(e)                 Sponsors of such schemes shall arrange at their own cost the entire development of the scheme without any obligating on the part of the authority.

(f)                  All land reservations made for roads and other services in such schemes shall belong to the Authority after completion.

(g)                 The sponsor shall deposit with the Authority as security hundred percent (100%) estimated total cost of development of the scheme or shall mortgage thirty percent (30%)  of the saleable area in lieu thereof till a completion certificates is obtained by the sponsors from the Authority in respect of the scheme:

(h)                 No possession of individual plots in the scheme shall be handed over by the sponsor till the entire scheme is fully developed and completion certificate in this respect is obtained from the authority.

(i)                   All buildings to be constructed in the area will be sjubject to the Islamabad Building Regulation, 1963, and the Islamabad Residential Sectors Zoning Regulation, 1985 and their plans got approved from the authority prior to the start of construction

(j)                   The scheme shall be maintained after completion and allotment by the sponsors or by an association to be formed by the allottees will such time it is taken over by the Authority

(k)                 All such permissions shall be subject to payment of Scrutiny fee/Service charges as determined and levied by the Authority from time to time and without prejudice to the right of the authority to acquire land in public interest.

  1. Zone-2:

In this zone.


(a)                 private sector will be allowed to purchase/acquire land and develop residential schemes in accordance with the pattern of residential sectors planned in zone 1:


(b)                 permission for such schemes shall be granted by the authority subject to the following conditions, namely.


(i)                   the minimum size of such residential scheme shall not be less than 200 acres;


(ii)                 the scheme shall be prepared by a qualified town planner registered with PCATP;


(iii)                the boundaries of the schemes shall conform to the configuration of a standard Sector inclusive of right-of-way of principal inter-sector roads as per provision of Master Plan of Islamabad;


(iv)               development of the scheme shall be in accordance with the layout plan, services

plan as building plan as approved by the Authority


(v)                 sponsors of such schemes shall arrange, at their own Cost, the entire development of the scheme without any obligation on the part of the Authority


(vi)               all land reservations made for roads and other services in such schemes shall belong

to the Authority;


(vii)              The sponsor shall deposit with the Authority as security hundred percent (100%)

estimated total cost

of  development of the scheme or shall mortgage thirty percent (30%) of the

saleable area in liew thereof till a completion certificate is obtained by the

sponsors from the Authority in respect of the scheme;

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