23. Entry, inspection and enforcement of the Rules. The Authority may authorise its officer or officers of specified rank or class to enter, inspect and examine any place in which he has reason to believe that there is any appliance or apparatus used in the transmission, supply or use of gas, and take other necessary steps for the due observance of the provisions of these Rules by licensees, consumers or any other person connected with the transmission, distribution, supply and use of gas.


24. Protection for acts done in good faith. No suit, prosecution, or other proceedings shall be instituted against any officer authorised under Rule 23, for anything done, or purporting to be done in good faith under the provisions of these Rules.


25. Protection to public. A licensee shall locate, construct and operate his pipeline and all works connected therewith in accordance with the Petroleum Rules, 1937, so as not to endanger the public health or safety.


26. Making entrance, etc., on pipelines. A licensee shall mark with conspicuous sings on the limits of a public highway, surveyed road or road allowance outside the boundaries of a city, town or village, the place at which the pipeline enters and leaves or crosses under the public high-way, surveyed road or road allowances.


27. Penalty for breach of Rules. Whoever commits a breach of these Rules shall be punishable for every such breach with fine which may extend to fifty thousand rupees.

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