(4)        The importers, manufactures or formulators shall, along with the pesticides, etc., forward warranty as to their quantity and ingredients shown weight by weight including active ingredients, solvents, emulsifiers, stabilizers etc. and all impurities beyond 0.1% of weight in K.G. or in litres as the case may be, and efficacy and strength.”;

            (5)        in Rule 41, — (XIV),

            (a)        in clause (xvi) for the full stop, at the end, a semi colon shall be substituted; and

            (b)        after clause (xvi), amended as aforesaid, the following new clauses shall be added, namely—

“(xv)     to ensure that the packing, re-packing or re-filling unit and the stores are situated away from the populated area, preferably in an industrial area, and are properly ventilated;


(xvi)           to make necessary arrangements fro prevention of spillage and disposal of waste;


(xvii)         to provide re-filling line, preferable automatic with protective measures; and

(xviii)        to keep reference sample of each batch, product data sheet and inventory available in the office and forward data sheet with the product during transportation.”

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