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If you are a lawyer or want to provide free and paid courses, and lectures to the general public via “Zoom” Calls  You can view our previous lecturers, fill the form below to join our the panel and be a part of the list,

1 Aimon Asif Advocate
2 Aksa Rubab Advocate
3 Aleena Shahzad Advocate
4 Dr. Muhammad Tahir Advocate
5 Fahad A. Siddiqi Advocate
6 Farah Khan Advocate
7 Faraz Malik Advocate
8 Fasih-u-zaman Advocate
9 Fauzia Mushtaq Advocate
10 Fayyaz sheikh Advocate
11 Fiza Khalid Advocate
12 Ibrar Ahmed Advocate
13 Jahzaib Sheikh Advocate
14 Javed Iqbal Advocate
15 Kaneez Fatima Advocate
16 Khalid Hameed Sohrwardy Advocate
17 M. Wisal Khan Advocate
18 Mahnoor Chaudhary Advocate
19 Muhammad Ahsan Ullah Imtiaz Advocate
20 Muhammad Asif Akram Advocate
21 Musharaf Mehmood Advocate
22 Najam-ud-din Arbkan Advocate
23 Natasha Sethi Advocate
24 Noreen Akhtar Advocate
25 Owais Ahmed Qadri Advocate
26 Qurratul ain Ayesha Advocate
27 Saba Iqbal Advocate
28 Sabahat Abbasi Advocate
29 Salman Jameel Advocate
30 Shahzad Ali Advocate
31 Syed Munawar Hussain Advocate
32 Syed Shaharyar Ahmed Advocate
33 Tahira Bano Advocate
34 Uroos Rajput Advocate
35 Zahid Hussain Advocate
36 Zainab Sohail Advocate