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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

A "Legal Notice" is a formal and written legal intimation sent to the opposite party by the aggrieved party who has suffered some type of civil injury. This Notice acts as a sign of preparation of a lawsuit against the opposing party if the demands mentioned in the Notice are not fulfilled. Sending a legal notice is a procedural requirement that is done before filing a case in the court of law as per the Civil Procedure Code, 1908.  

A legal notice presented to the accused must contain all the facts and complaints of the aggrieved and what legal remedy he is seeking from the defendant. The person sending the Notice is termed as Sender, and the person to whom it is being served is called Addressee. It can be served by the Sender himself or through his appointed advocate under his letterhead.

It is served to show the defendant the intention of the aggrieved party to initiate legal proceedings against him before the court of law if the issues mentioned therein are not solved amicably. The defendant is given a stipulated time frame within which he is expected to reply or answer, informing where he agrees or disagrees with the facts stated in the legal notice. However, if the defendant fails to respond to the legal Notice, it acts as an upper hand for the aggrieved party in the further case. 

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