National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee Ordinance, 2002

LXXI of 2002


                                     9th October 2002

          An ordinance  to provide for National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee


WHEREAS it is expedient to provide for National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee for the purposes hereinafter appearing:


AND WHEREAS the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary to take immediate action;


NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of the Proclamation of Emergency of the fourteenth day of October, 1999, and the Provisional Constitution  Order NO.1 of 1999, read with the Provisional Constitution (Amendment) Order No.9 of 1999, and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance:-


1.       Short title, extent and commencement.- (1) This Ordinance may be called the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee Ordinance,2002.


(2)  It extends to the whole of Pakistan.


(3)  It shall come into force at once.


2.       Definitions.- In this Ordinance, unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context.-


(a)   “Commission” means the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan established under the Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan Ordinance, 1979 as amended:


(b)   “Committee” means the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee

Established under section 3;


(c)   “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Committee; and


(d)   “Fund” means the fund established under the Law and Justice

Commission of Pakistan Ordinance, 1979, as amended.



3.       Establishment of National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee.- There shall be a National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan, who shall be the Chairman of the Committee, and comprising the Chief Justice, Federal Shariat Court and /Chief Justices of four Provincial High Courts as its Members.



4.       Functions of the Committee.- The Committee shall coordinate and harmonize judicial policy within the court system, and in coordination with the Commission, ensure its implementation. The Committee shall also perform the following functions, namely:-


(a)   improving the capacity and performance of the administration of justice;


(b)   setting performance standards for judicial officers and persons associated

with performance of judicial and quasi judicial functions.


(c)   improvement in the terms and conditions of service of judicial officers

and court staff, to ensure skilled and efficient judiciary ; and


(d)   publication of the annual or periodic reports of the Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Court, High Courts and courts subordinate to High Courts and Administrative Courts and Tribunals.


5.       Finances.- The Commission shall, from its Fund, provide finances to the

Committee for the discharge of its functions under this Ordinance.


6.       Constitution of sub-committees.- The Committee may constitute sub-

committees consisting of its one or more Members, as it deems fit, and may assign them any matter relevant to the functions of the Committee.


7.       Reports.- The Committee shall publish annual report of its activities and

such other periodic or special reports relating to its functioning as it deems fit. The reports shall be submitted to the President of Pakistan.


8.       Secretariat assistance.- Secretariat assistance to the Committee shall be provided by the Secretariat of the Commission and Secretary of the Commission shall act as the Secretary of the Committee.


9.         Power to make rules.- The Committee may make rules of procedure for conduct of its business and discharge of its functions

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