RULES, 1973 

14th  September, 1973 

ln exercise of the powers conferred under section 13 of the Naturalization Act, 1926 (VII of 1926), the Federal Government is pleased to direct that the following amendments shall be made in the Pakistan Naturalization Rules, 1961 namely :-
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In the aforesaid Rules,-

(1) for the words ‘Federal Government’ where occurring, the words ‘Federal Government’ shall be substituted; and

(2) for rule 12 the following shall be substituted, namely :–

’12. Fees-The following fees shall be imposed :-

The matter for which the fee shall be imposed

The amount of the fee

The issue of a certificate of naturalization to
woman who was a citizen of Pakistan previous to her
marriage to a husband not a citizen of Pakistan and
who has since died, or whose marriage has been dissolved.


The Issue of a certificate of naturalization in
other cases.



 Note:–Of the fee of rupees ninety payable in respect of a certificate of naturalization, rupees forty-five shall be payable on the submission of the application for the certificate and the remaining rupees forty-five shall be payable upon the delivery of the certificate to the applicant’

The issue of certificate by a Magistrate under
section 12(2) of the Act.


The issue of certified copy of any declaration or
certificate issued under the Act with or without copy
of oath’.



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