Statement of conditions for grant of proprietary rights

Government of the Punjab colonies department



25th may, 1994.


Statement of conditions under which the Punjab Government is prepared to grant proprietary rights to the occupants of state rural village sites within the abadi deh in colony chaks/ colony revenue estates in the rural areas of Punjab.


            No. 426-94/1677-cliv, in exercise of powers conferred u/s 10(1) of colonization of government lands (Punjab) Act 1912, Government of the Punjab, in the colonies department, is pleased to issue the following statement of conditions which shall be applicable to the rural areas of the Punjab, where the said act applies.  

2.         The grant of residential village site’ to the occupants shall be governed by the terms and conditions hereinafter provided.

3.         Every occupant in actual physical possession of a residential village site’ since before 28-11-1993 shall be eligible to the grant of that site, free of cost; provided that he is a bonafide and permanent resident of the chak/revenue estate in which the site is situated.

4.         If the occupant is in possession of an area exceeding 10 marlas the said excess area may be transferred to him by the district collector on market price plus 10% surcharge.

5.         For purposes of granting proprietary rights, the Revenue officer concerned shall prepare a survey list with the help of the field staff and will ensure is correctness by endorsing signatures against each entry. Two copies of final list, duly verified by him, shall then be prepared. One copy shall be submitted to the collector, who will visit the concerned revenue estate, verify the correctness of the entries from notables of the village after examination of the record and attest the list in the open common assembly of the village. The second list shall be sent to the district Collector who will satisfy himself regarding the correctness of its entries. Both lists shall form a part of the revenue record. Thereafter orders for the grant of proprietary rights shall be issued by the collector with the prior approval of district Collector, who is hereby delegated the powers of the Board of Revenue for such grants under section 10(1) of the colonization of government lands (Punjab) Act, 1912. A conveyance deed shall be prepared and executed within 4 weeks, from the date of passing final orders/ approval by the district collector for the grant of proprietary rights.

6.         A copy of the conveyance deed shall be sent to the revenue officer concerned who will take appropriate measures to effect mutation in accordance with section 42 of the land revenue Act, 1967.

7.         A person aggrieved by an order under this statement of conditions may prefer an appeal to the appellate authority within 30 days from the date of the order.

8.         These conditions shall not apply to shop sites and sites under industrial or commercial use.

9.         The grantee shall not alienate or mortgage the village site granted under these conditions before the expiration of 5 years from the date of grant without the sanction of the Board of Revenue.

10.       Statement of conditions issued vide Punjab government notification No. 833-C, dated 1-3-1933 and instructions contained in Board of Revenue circular memo. No. 2270-89-1988-H-II, dated 17-9-1988 and No. 1459-89/1643-H-II, dated 19-11-1989 shall be considered to have been modified to the extent as indicated in this statement of conditions.              

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