No. F. 1(1)/2004-Elec-II, dated 23-2-2003 (bye-elections to the vacant seats )

Local Government Elections

[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, part-III, 24th February, 2004]


            No. F. 1(1)/2004-Elec-II, dated 23-2-2003.—whereas, bye-elections to the vacant seats of Members, Union Nazims and Naib Union Nazims of Union councils are scheduled to be held on March 20, 2004 and March 28, 2004 as per schedule already notified by the chief Election Commissioner.


            And whereas, the electoral rolls prepared on separate electorate basis in the years, 2000-2001 for local government elections, are to be used for conduct of aforementioned bye-elections.


            And whereas, the persons, who have become 18 years of age on January 1, 2001, January 1, 2002, January 1, 2003 and on January 1, 2004, are entitled to be enrolled as voters for casting their votes in the aforementioned bye-elections.


            And Whereas, in pursuance of Article 219 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the process of annual revision of electoral rolls prepared on joint electorate basis for the General elections held in 2002, is presently going on and persons, who are eligible under the law have applied/are applying for inclusion of their names in the electoral rolls and separate lists for Muslims and non-Muslims are being prepared.


            And whereas, if is expedient and in the public interest to provide an opportunity for such voters whose names have been included in the electoral rolls as a result of aforementioned annual revision of electoral rolls to cast their votes in the ensuing by-elections to the Local Government Institutions as well.


            Now therefore, in exercise of his powers conferred on him under Article 2 of the Local Government Elections Order, 2000 (order No. 8 of 2000) read with Section 157 of the Local Government Ordinances, 2001 of the Punjab, Sindh, N.W.F.P and Balochistan respectively and all other powers enabling him in that behalf, the Chief election commissioner has been pleased to direct as follows:-


(1)               The Revising Authorities appointed under the Electoral rolls act, 1974 shall pass on their orders for inclusion of names in the relevant electoral rolls made b them up to March 15, 204 to the Registration officers concerned;


(2)               The Registration Officers on receipt of such details from the Revising Authorities shall prepare lists of additions in respect of each electoral area;


(3)               One copy of the list of additions so prepared shall be attached to the electoral rolls for the Local Government Elections and it would deem to have received suo moto assent of the Registration officer concerned; and


(4)               The voters mentioned in the list of additions attached to the electoral rolls of the local Government Elections shall be entitled to cast their votes in the ensuing by-elections for the vacant seats of members, Union Nazims and Naib Union Nazims of Union Councils.


By order of the Chief Election Commissioner.

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