RULES, 2002


[Gazette of Punjab, Part I, 20th November, 2002]


                No. SOV(LG) 5-21/2001, dated 3-9-2002—In exercise of the powers conferred upon him under section 191 read with section 116 of Punjab Local government Ordinance, 2001 (XIII of 2001), the Governor of the Punjab is pleased to make the following Rules:-


                1.             Short title and commencement.—(1) These rules may be called the Punjab Local Government (Fees for Licensing and Permits and Licensing of Professions and Vocations) Rules, 2002.


                (2)           They shall come into force at once.


                2.             Definitions.—(1) In these Rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context–

                “Professions and vocations” include all trades for which license or permit is required under Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001.


                (2)           All other words and expressions used herein but not defined shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them under the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001.


                3.             Power to issue licenses or permits:– The Local Government at the Union, Tehsil/Town and District level shall issue licenses or permits as indicated below:


                (i)            UNION ADMINISTRATION:-

                The Union Administration shall levy fees for licensing of the following professions and vocations:–

(a)                 butchers and  vendors of poultry game or fish.


(b)                 Persons keeping milch cattle r milch goats for profit;


(c)                 Persons keeping any animal for profit other than milch cattle or milch goats;


(d)                 Dairymen, butter men and vendors of ghee;


(e)                 Vendors of fruit of vegetables;


(f)                  Washermen;


(g)                 Vendors of wheat, rice and other grains or flour;


(h)                 Makers and vendors of sweetmeats; and


(i)                   Barbers and keepers of shaving saloons.



                The Tehsil/Town Municipal Administration shall levy fees for issue of licenses or permits for the following trades:–

(a)                 vendors of medicines, drugs or articles of fruit for human consumption other than milk, butter, bread, biscuit, cake, fruit, vegetables, aerated water, or ice-cream.


(b)                 Operating or running bake houses;


(c)                 Electroplating;


(d)                 Welding;


(e)                 Storing, processing, cleaning, crushing, melting, preparing, or manufacturing by any process whatever or dealings in bones, tallow, offal, fat, blood, soap, raw hides and skins, candles, manure, catgut and oil cloth;


(f)                  Manufacturing of oils;


(g)                 Washing or drying wool or hair;


(h)                 Burning or grinding of lime or metal stone, or storing for sale;


(i)                   Cleaning or grinding or chillies by any kinds or class of machinery;


(j)                   Keeping animals likely to create nuisances;


(k)                 Fellmongering;


(l)                   Whole sale storing, cleaning, pounding and selling or tobacco except storing of tobacco required for the preparation of biddies, cigars of cigarette;


(m)                Manufacture of safes, trunks and boxes; and


(n)                 Glass leveling and polishing.



                The District/City District Government shall levy fees for issue of licenses or permits for the following grades.

(a)                 ice factories and ice cream factories;


(b)                 the business of storing or selling timber, firewood, coal, charcoal and coke, hay, straw, matches, explosives, petrol, oil, lubricants, paper and other dangerous materials;


(c)                 sugar refining and sugar refineries;


(d)                 preparation of aerated water;


(e)                 storing, packing, pressing, cleaning, preparing, or manufacturing by any process whatever, blasting power, ammunition, fireworks, gun powder, sulphur, mercury, gases, gum, cotton, saltpeter, nitrocompounds, nitromixtures, phosphorous or dynamite;


(f)                   cleaning dying, preparing, or manufacturing by any process whatever, cloth or yarn in indigo and other colors;


(g)                 Making or manufacturing bricks, surkhi, tiles, by any process of baking or burning;


(h)                 Casting of heavy metals such as iron, lead, copper and brass;


(i)                   Dealing in chemicals, liquid or otherwise;


(j)                   Operating or running tin factories;


(k)                 Marble cutting and polishing ;


(l)                   Manufacture of cement and hume pipes;


(m)                Storing, packing, pressing, cleaning, preparing or manufacturing by any process whatever, rags, pitch, tar, turpentine, demmar, coconut, fiber, flax, hemp, rosin, or spirit;


(n)                 Tanning, pressing or packing of hides or skin raw dry; and


(o)                 Working of power looms, rice-husking plants, stems whistle, steam trumpet.


4.             Fees for the licenses or permits.—A local government may charge fees for the licenses or permits granted by it. The fees shall be levied by the Local Government, after approval by the concerned Local Council as per procedure laid down in the Punjab Local governments, (Taxation) Rules, 2001.


5.             Procedure to grant licenses or permits.—The Local Government shall specify the procedure for granting licenses or permits through bye-laws which shall be notified  after approval of the concerned Local council.


6.             Power to impose fine on violations.—On violations of the bye-laws regarding grant of licenses of permits the Local government shall have power to impose fines which shall be specified in the bye-laws.     

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