under the supervision of Pakistan Legal Awareness Trust is serving since 1996 to spread free Legal Awareness to the general public, is honored to be Pakistan’s first law website on law.

We have been working with our own resources, previously we were not taking donations. Now we are willing to expand our services which is increasing our cost, such as law typing, seminars, server charges, and support team. Now as spreading legal awareness is really important. So we’re looking for sponsors who can sponsor us.

What has achieved and what are it’s future plans?

1) Laws has published over 4500+ laws on its website. We are still working on laws and will be publishing more soon.

2) Legal Advice is providing free legal advice to the general public via email, call and call back services. Our professional team and member’s provides free legal advice on all issue.

3) Lawyer’s Directory

We have been updating lawyer’s database everyday and we have successfully completed Supreme Court’s data, Sindh’s data and Islamabad’s data. Now we are updating the data of the remaining cities in Pakistan.

4) Find Lawyer

We help the general public to find lawyer’s from all over Pakistan according to their issue/case. Our support team helps them to find the best lawyer according to their requirements.

5) Legal Awareness

We provide Legal Awareness on different topics for the general public via video’s. We have uploaded a few videos however soon we will start uploading more video’s to spread awareness.

6) Online Course.

We have courses on different topics which comes which Multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) where the general public can understand the course and answer the questions, a certificate is also issued after the quiz if the quiz is answered correctly.

7) Legal Questions and Answers (FAQ’s)

We have answered the most asked questions regarding Law, where the public can read and understand it. We offer this in English and Urdu. Soon we will be updating more FAQ’s

8) Membership

We have newly launched Membership programme where Lawyer’s and general public can register to spread legal awareness, we also offer them certificates. We started the program in February 2021 and now we have crossed 7500+ members.

9) Lawyers Website. has a free website for lawyers, which will help them increase their client-age.

10) Case Law Search Service is providing case law service where we will search and provide general public case laws as per their need.

11) Case Management

Now lawyers can manage their legal work under one website.

12) Articles

You can read or post articles on in English or Urdu

13) Achievement Award will be providing achievement awards to the ones who will write articles or create videos for our website.

14) Legal Expert.

Legal expert helps you get in touch with a legal expert, chat with them and get your issues solved.

15) Discussion forum

Which is a general discussion platform to spread legal awareness. Where anyone can register and discuss on several different topics. The main objective of this platform is to spread legal awareness. Discussion can be done on any topic related to law in order to promote legal awareness among the general public.

16) Application

We recently have published our application on Android and IOS.

17) Seminars

We had organised a few seminars in the past and are looking forward to organise more small and large seminars in the future. We will get seminars organised by our members in different cities of Pakistan and will update pictures/video on our website.

18) Public Interest Litigation

Moreover, in future we will start public interest litigation, which is to give to the common people access to the courts to obtain legal redress.

Why sponsor us?

We will be running logo’s of co sponsors on our website. We will also add logo of co sponsors on banners in our seminars.

How will the Logo run on our site?

Logos of our co sponsor will run on our site randomly (slides). To see how, visit:

We’re hoping for a positive response and your support to spread legal awareness with us.

Our annual sponsorship fee is 300,000/-. The sponsorship cheque/pay order will be on NTN 8296884-0

For Further information call 03111554447 Ext 102, 103 and 104