Q/- Define International law? What are the types of international law? Discuss.


International law is a collection or a body of rules that has been established by customs, treaties and recognized by nations as binding in their relations with other nations. In simple words International law is a set of rules that governs the relations between the international states. It provides established/normative guidelines, methods and procedures that pertain to the international relations between the states and its people. The system of international law is horizontal and decentralized; the creation of international laws is inevitably more complicated than the creation of laws in domestic systems. 

International law is further divided into two types:

1.      Public International law

2.      Private International law


The public international law is defined as the complete set of laws and rules that deals with the conduct of nation-states and international organizations among them as well as the relationships between nation-states and international organizations with persons. Public International Law is sometimes called the "law of nations" or just simply the International Law. It should not be confused with Private International Law, which is primarily concerned with the resolution of conflict of national laws, determining the law of which country is applicable to specific situations.


Private International Law is the set of rules, conventions, laws, practice and custom, as well as other documents and instruments, which govern the relationships between individuals with the international states. Private international law is different from public international law in a sense that it governs private conflicts between individuals of the state, rather than between the states themselves. Private international law determines the jurisdiction that has authority to hear a legal dispute, and to which jurisdiction such laws should be applied with regards to the situation.

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