Define Section 3 of Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010?


A)        Section 3 Inquiry Committee: (1) Each organization shall constitute an inquiry Committee within thirty days of the enactment of this Act to enquire into complaints under this Act

(2)       The Committee shall consist of three members of whom at least one member shall be a woman. One member shall be from senior management and one shall be a senior representative of the employees or a senior employee where there is no CBA. One or more members can be co-opted from outside the organization if the organization is unable to designate three members from within as described above. A Chairperson shall be designated from amongst them.

(3)        In case where no competent is made against one of the members of the Inquiry Committee that members should be replaced by another for that particular case. Such member may be from within or outside the organization.

(4)       in case where no competent authority is designated the organization shall within thirty days of the enactment of this Act designated a competent authority.

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