Appeal against minor and major penalties Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010?

A)     1)         Any party aggrieved by decision of the Competent Authority on whom minor or major penalty is imposed may within thirty days of written communication of decision prefer an appeal to an [Ombudsperson] established under section 7.


         2)         A complainant aggrieved by the decision of the Competent Authority may also prefer appeal within thirty days of the decision to the [Ombudsperson]


         (3)        The Appellate Authority may, on consideration of the appeal and any other relevant material, confirm, set aside, vary or modify the decision within thirty days in respect of which such appeal is made. It shall   communicate the decision to both the parties and the employer.


         (4)        Until such a time that the [Ombudsperson] is appointed the District Court shall have the jurisdiction to hear appeals against the decisions of Competent Authority and the provisions of subsection (1) to (3) shall mutatis mutandis apply.


         (5)        On the appointment of [Ombudsperson] all appeals pending before the District Court shall stand transferred to [Ombudsperson] who may proceed with the case from the stage at which it was pending immediately.

This FAQ is prepared by Sadia Saman Advocate