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Who is Chairman Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961?
What is Polygamy?
How to define the Talaq?
How to pay Dower?
What is Divorce?
What is Succession according to Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961?
How does a man give Talaq?
How to pronounce Talaq?
Is Muslim Marriages a civil contract?
Is triple TALAQ is valid?
Q: In Pakistan what are the terms used to identify the parties in a divorce proceeding?
Q: What are the ways marriage can be dissolved in Pakistan?
Q. What is meant by “Khula”?
Q. What is the procedure to obtain “Khula” (dissolution of marriage) in Pakistan?
Q. After obtaining khula decree from the court is dissolution of marriage is complete?
Q: Can a wife be delegated right of pronouncement of divorce?
Q. What is meant by succession certificate?
Q. Is Succession Act, 1925 applicable to whole of Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
Q. What are the legal requirements to obtain succession certificate in Pakistan?
Q. Is security bond is required by the court before issuance of succession certificate?
Q. What procedure should legal heir/s adopt to get possession of money in the bank of deceased in Pakistan?
Q. How long should it take to obtain the Succession certificate from the court?
Q. Is there any time limit within which succession certificate must be obtained?
Q. Is succession certificate necessary as I am the only child of my deceased parents?
Q. If a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies how his legal heir/s can get the shares transmitted in their names?
Q. Can court grant more than one succession certificate to the same legal heir/s?
Q. On what grounds succession certificate can be cancelled /revoked in Pakistan?
Q. For movable property we need to obtain succession certificate, for immovable property what should we need?
Question-: When legal heirs become entitled of shares?
Question-: How to distribute property, if the deceased is a Sunni?
Question-: How to distribute property, if the deceased is a Shia’a?
Question-: What is Mutation?
Question-: what is the time limitation for the filling of Inheritance Suits?
Question-: Is there any distinction in the Islamic Law of Inheritance relating to Movable or Immovable property?
Question-: How many Classes of Legal Heirs?
Question-: If the deceased has no Sharers, how to distribute his property?
Question-: If the deceased has neither sharers nor residuaries, how to distribute his property?
Question-: Has adopted child right in property?
Question-: Are children of Pre –deceased Son or Daughter’s entitled to inherit the property of their grandfather?
Question-: If a man pronounced Talaq to his wife and he died within a week after Talaq, will the wife in iddat be entitled to inherit his property?
Question: Who is Minor according to Guardian & Wards act 1890?
Question: Who is Guardian according to the Guardian & Wards act 1890?
Question: What is the meaning of Ward?
Question: How to appointment a guardian?
Question: who is de facto guardian?
Question: Who is Testamentary Guardian?
Question: who is Certificated Guardian?
Question: What is welfare of the Minor?
Question: what is the meaning of Hizanat?
Question: When mother disqualified of her right of Hizanat?
Question: what is the age of male child, mother is entitled for the custody in Shia Law?
Question: what is the age of female child, mother is entitled for the custody in Shia Law?
Question: what is the status of Custody of illegitimate children under Muhammad law?
Question: Who is eligible to be a Guardian?
Question: how many kind of Guardian?
Question: A minor can be appointed as a guardian for another minor?
Question: Can a society be appointed a guardian of minor?
Question: Explain the Court jurisdiction to entertain the application for appointment of guardianship?
Question: what is the mean by the interim custody under the Guardian & Wards act 1890?
Question: Duties of the Guardian?
Question: How many kinds of Talaq?
Question: What is Talaq-e-Ahsan?
Question: What is Talaq-e-Hasan?
Question: Define Talaq-e-Bain?
Question: How to pronounce Talaq under the Shiyaa law?
Question: Is there any form for divorce in Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961?
Question: What is Iddat? What do you understand by the term ‘’Iddat”?
Question: What is the duration of Iddat?
Question: Is IDDAT necessary or not in case of husband’s death or divorce for the wife?
Question: If marriage was not consummated, in this case is wife bound to Iddat?
Question: Why IDDAT is necessary?
Question: what is Maintenance of wife?
Question: What is Maintenance in family law?
Question: What is Dower or Mahr?
Question: Is husband liable to pay Dower?
Question: What is Prompt Dower?
Question: What is Deferred Dower?
Question: Dower in Islamic Law?
Question: If a husband divorced to his Wife, and not pay the Dower amount, what is the remedy of wife, how to receive dower amount from her husband?
Question: what is the definition of “Child” as per Child Marriage Restraint Act.
Question: what is the meaning of “Child Marriage”.
Question: Minor meaning as per Child Marriage Restraint Act.
Question: what is the punishment for male adult above eighteen year of age marrying a child?
Question: Does Chid Marriage Restraint Act permit the marriage of a girl below the age of sixteen?
Question: If a girl, who attained puberty and marries with an adult male with her free will, the marriage will be valid or invalid?
Question: what is meaning of Bridal gift?
Question: Does Dower” Mehr” include as bridal gift?
Question: If husband does not give bride gift to her, what is the right of her of the same?
Question: Can anyone snatch Bridal Gift which is given by husband and husband‘s family member?
Question: Is Grandfather’s liability to maintain his grandchildren in absence of the father?
Question: Is father liable to maintain to his disobedient daughter?
Question: Son having attained majority, Is father bound to pay to his son?
Question: Registration of marriages is necessary under the Muslim Law?
Question: what is the purpose of registration of marriage?
Question: How is maintained the register of Nikah Nama?
Question: What is Irregular Marriages?
Question: When Marriages become Valid marriage?
Question: if a woman contracted marriage before the completion of Iddat, marriage is valid or not?
Question: Property transferred to the bride by her father in law in lieu of dower having mentioned in Nikah Name, how to be execute?
Question: is registration Nikah necessary or not?
Question: if a person does not report marriage to nikah registrar for the purpose of registration, is it punishable under the Muslim Laws Ordinance 1961?
Question: If a Muslim wife does not want to live with her husband due to some reason, can force to wife live with her husband?
Question: what is the status of women in matrimonial matter in Islam?
Question: Is chairman Arbitration bound to issue Talaq certificate to wife?
Question: if the husband died before few days after divorce, iddat period of iddat could not complete, what is the status of the wife?
Question: has Widow Share in husband’s property?
Question: how much share is issueless widow in her deceased husband’s property?
Question: how much share of widow with children in her deceased husband’s property?
Question: If Divorce on Mutual consent, can be withdraw?
Question: how to court determine the Minor maintenance?
Question: is father bound to maintain of children?
Question: when father or grand-father is bound to maintain to adult son?
Question: if father does not maintain his children, what remedy available for wife?
Question: if wife refuse to stay with her husband without any excuse, is she entitled for maintenance?
Question: how to determine Wife’s maintenance to her husband?
Question: Is there any jurisdiction of Arbitration Council to award maintenance of minor?
Question: what is the time limitation for filling revision against the order of maintenance passed by Arbitration Council?
Question: if revision petition dismissed as barred by time, is it challenge the order of the Arbitration Council to anther forum?