West Pakistan Goat (Restriction) Rules. 1961


West Pakistan Goats Restrictions

Rules 1961

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 of the West Pakistan Goat (Restriction) Ordinance, 1959, and in suppression of the West Pakistan Croats (Restriction) Rules, 1959, published with the West Pakistan Government, Planning and Development Department Notification No. 1-1-17-SOAH-II (PD)/59, dated the 30th September, 1959, the Government of West Pakistan is pleased to make the following rules, namely: –

1. (1) These rules may be called the West Pakistan Goat (Restriction) Rules. 1961.

(2) Thy shall come into force at once.

2. In these rules:-

(a) ‘Ordinance’ means the West Pakistan Goat (Restriction) Ordinance, 1 959; and

(b) ‘Local Area’ means the area in respect of which a declaration has been made under section 3 of the Ordinance.

3. A notification under section 3 of the Ordinance shall be published in the Official Gazette and at least two newspapers having wide publicity in the local area and copies thereof shall be affixed on prominent places in the local area.

4. Permission for keeping goats on stall-feeding may be given under the proviso to section 3 of the Ordinance and any person so desiring may apply to the Union Council of the area either in person or by registered post stating the number of such goats. Such application shall be made within eighteen months of the publication of the notification under section 3 of the Ordinance Orders on the application shall be conveyed by registered post or copy thereof served on the application personally, within one week of the receipt of the application, if the application has been made within the time allowed, the keeping of goats up to the number applied for, shall not, till receipt of such orders, be treated as unlawful.

5.A Deputy Commissioner may in respect of his district, specify the routes along which goats belonging to powindas shall move or be conducted, in the said district and may impose such other restrictions on their movements as he may deem fit.

6. (1) Of the number of goats and sheep slaughtered or attempted to be slaughtered in a slaughter-house on any day the number of goats shall not be less than eighty percent.

(2) Any person or local authority controlling a slaughterhouse shall maintain or cause to be maintained a record of daily slaughtered and shall submit a monthly return to the Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry.

(3) The Superintendent of the slaughter-house or Meat Inspector, other officer required to check the working of the slaughter-house shall regulate and supervise the slaughter of goats in accordance with sub-rule (1).

(4) Any officer of the Animal Husbandry Department not below the rank of Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, may enter a slaughter-house and check whether the provisions of the Ordinance and of these rules have been complied with.
Whoever contravenes the provisions of rule 5 or any condition of permit issued thereunder of the provisions of sub-rule (1) or sub-rule (2) of rule 6 shall be punished under section 6 of the Ordinance within the penalty prescribed therein.

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