has successfully completed the following and is still working on more projects.

1) Laws has published over 7000+ laws on its website. We are still working on laws and will be publishing more soon for more visit

2) Legal Advice is providing free legal advice to the general public via email, call and call back services. Our professional team and member’s provides free legal advice on all issue. For more visit

3) Lawyer’s Directory
We have a lawyers database so that we can provide clients with relevant lawyers as per there need for more visit

4) Find Lawyer
We help the general public to find lawyer’s from all over Pakistan according to their issue/case. Our support team helps them to find the best lawyer according to their requirements. For more visit

5) Legal Awareness
We provide Legal Awareness on different topics for the general public via video’s.

6) Online Course.
We have courses on different topics which comes which Multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) where the general public can understand the course and answer the questions, a certificate is also issued after the quiz if the quiz is answered correctly. For more visit

7) Legal Questions and Answers (FAQ’s)
We have answered the most asked questions regarding Law, where the public can read and understand it. We offer this in English and Urdu.

8) Seminars
We had organised a few seminars in the past and are looking forward to organise more small and large seminars in the future. We will get seminars organised by our members in different cities of Pakistan and will update pictures/videos on our website.

9) Membership
Our Membership programme is where Lawyer’s and general public can register to spread legal awareness, we have over 8000+ members. We also offer them certificates. For more visit

10) Lawyers Website. has a free website for lawyers, which will help them increase their client-age. For more visit

11) Case Law Search Service is providing a case law services where we will search and provide general public case laws as per their need.

12) Case Management
Now lawyers can manage their legal work under one website. For more visit

13) Articles
You can read or post articles on  in English or Urdu

14) Achievement Award will be providing achievement awards to the ones who will write articles or create videos for our website. We have awarded over 200+ awards for more visit

15) Legal Expert.
Legal expert helps you get in touch with a legal expert, chat with them and get your issues solved. For more visit

16) Application
We published our application on Android and IOS.

17) Walk for a cause
We also had conducted Walk for Cause for the rights of women and children for more visit
We have plans to conduct more in future too.

18) Zoom Lectures to spread awareness
We have been hosting educational lectures related to law to spread awareness to the general public and have achieved 100+ Zoom lectures in the past for more visit to see our recorded lectures visit

19) Animated Videos
We have created engaging animated cartoon videos for women and children to spread awareness about their basic rights, all these feature on our YouTube channel,

20)  Legal protection for women and children.
If you or someone you know is going through overabundance but is not able to get any sort of legal assistance, call us at +92 311 1554447 or email us at We will raise our voice against the issue and try to seek justice.

• Discussion forum (Future Plan)
Which is a general discussion platform to spread legal awareness. Where anyone can register and discuss on several different topics. The main objective of this platform is to spread legal awareness. Discussion can be done on any topic related to law in order to promote legal awareness among the general public.

• Collaboration with NGOs (Future Plan)
We would collaborate with NGOs that are actively working towards women and children rights, amplifying their efforts and supporting their initiatives through joint campaigns and projects.

• School and College Awareness (Future Plan)
Having School and Colleges from all over Pakistan (cities and villages where we have our members, we have 8000+ members) by our inviting our members to speak on the importance of their rights and ways to protect them, which will teach children about their rights and gender equality from an early age.

• Public awareness campaign on social media (Future Plan)
Using Social media to initiate campaigns to raise awareness for women and children rights, which will engage more young people in the cause

• Public important litigation (Future Plan)
Our team which includes, Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors will go against laws that are created against women and children in High Court and Supreme Court.

• Training sessions/Workshops/Seminars (Future Plan)
Our members will be conducting workshops, training session and seminars to provide awareness to women from all over Pakistan (cities and villages where we have our members we have 8000+ members).

• Courses for women (Future Plan)
We will be creating and posting courses for the rights of women and children. Where they can first listen to the course and answer MCQs to receive an achievement award.

• Competition for children (Future Plan)
In future we are planning to have a competition for children where children can take part, learn laws and answer them. This way they’ll know relevant laws especially laws for related to their rights. We will also provide them certificates and prizes.

• Talk Show (Future Plan)
which will be conducted online on “Zoom” and will feature a few hosts and few guest speakers who will be discussing about a certain topic, the aim of this talk show is to promote awareness among the general public where after the discussion the audience can ask questions related to the topic/discussion.

• Lawyers Interview (Future Plan)
We will be taking interviews of well known lawyers, for our new generation to get inspired.