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  • Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Reasons For Studying Law In Pakistan.

Reasons For Studying Law In Pakistan.

Studying law in Pakistan has both advantages and disadvantages, however considering the reward it offers, it is truly worth it. Studying law, even if it is just the basics in A levels, allows you to learn about the legal codes of your home country and approach life with multiple perspectives gaining sympathy and admiration for all. It enables individuals to learn the ability to analyse realistic scenarios by applying legal concepts, rules and precedents and have a greater command of language to express interpretation, reasoning, comment and judgement. It results in more considerate and keener individuals who care for the environment, people, and/or animals and are willing to stand up for them. They gain legal awareness and pass on their wisdom to others, educating and enlightening everyone. Lawyers give a voice to the speechless and help bring justice to the world, making it a safer and better place. They benefit society as a whole, fighting for what is right and earning good deeds for themselves as well. Getting a law degree is quite troublesome-long sleepless nights, cramming information, memorizing details- but the success, happiness and sense of accomplishment achieved is nothing in comparison. The law courses allow you to understand the constitution and legal system of the country better, which in turn helps you gain and understand clients, and help them get justice. Studying law also allows individuals to speak better publicly and be eloquent at debates and prove a point to anyone, be it co-workers or friends, regardless of job or work field. Moreover, individuals who study law at higher levels and can secure a degree go on to make huge amounts of salary and get a return on their hard work and efforts in a monetary value as well. It is one of the most respectable jobs in Pakistan and once you gain a name for yourself, it's smooth sailing ahead. Being a lawyer gives you both: power and respect. Helping others while earning a handsome salary; who doesn't want that? It's the best of both worlds. More importantly, Islam, the holy code of ethics, also encourages lawyers as they play an integral role in the administration of justice. Judges were an important part of the justice system in the prophet's (PBUH) time and all the caliphs paid great attention to the system under their caliphate. Lawyers need to preserve the ethics of the profession, client and justice and do praiseworthy deeds with their knowledge and understanding as they will be held accountable to the Almighty. Law is also a very interesting, interactive and practical field with hundreds of options to choose from. It does not limit an individual to only one specific type, rather there are vast choices, such as Criminal, business, civil, immigration, family etc, to name a few. There is never a dull moment - studying law is riveting and engaging, through and through. Being a law student myself, I can concur so with full confidence. Gaining knowledge is always rewarding, but studying law, how the system works and coming up with realistic solutions for peoples' problems is a thrill unmatched. All these above-mentioned points may seem too good to be true, but in fact, that is the beauty of this delicate and highly intricate field of work. Similar to other professions, a lot of hard work, good grades, commitment and dedication are essential, to be a good lawyer. They work long hours a week, deal with constant high pressure, have loads of deadlines and are required to be flexible. These conditions may result in a poor work-life balance, but the rewards trump it. The job is stressful and challenging, having to keep up with the news and changes in law and dealing with demanding clients. It may very well be emotionally and mentally exhausting but that is quite frankly the case for most jobs, regardless of the profession. One should not shy away after merely reading these shortcomings but rather be determined and well prepared to take on studying law. Nothing in life is impossible and with a decent amount of effort and sacrifices, becoming a lawyer makes it all worth it. You may have seen shows such as Suits, L.A Law, or Damages and imagined yourself being one of those well-dressed lawyers, speaking eloquently, making excellent arguments, earning loads of money, running firms, helping those in need, and putting out fires left and right. Well, even though these lives are fantasized and realistic only to certain extents, they are achievable and the only thing stopping you from achieving that is the hesitation and fear of failure, which you may be going through. In such a case be rest assured that studying law in Pakistan is fruitful and worthwhile. Despite the dire challenges, Pakistan requires strong-minded and hardworking individuals who are willing to fight for everyone's rights and bring justice to this nation. Therefore, study law and benefit yourself and everyone around you, earn a good steady salary, and be a voice of reason for all, bringing righteousness, morality and honour throughout the country. Good Luck!

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    Ashraf 1 year ago

    Very informative and well-written. Keep it up. Regards