What are the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan 1973?

Article 8 to 28 of part II of the constitution contains fundamental rights in it. Following are the fundamental rights assured by 1973 constitution;


              i.        Laws inconsistent with or in derogation of fundamental rights to be void.

            ii.        Security of person.

           iii.        Safeguards as to arrest and detention.

           iv.        Slavery, forced labor, etc. prohibited.

            v.        Protection against retrospective punishment.

           vi.        Protection against double punishment and self incrimination.

          vii.        Inviolability of dignity of man, etc.

         viii.        Freedom of movement, etc.

           ix.        Freedom of assembly.

            x.        Freedom of association.

           xi.        Freedom of trade, business or profession.

          xii.        Freedom of speech, etc.

         xiii.        Freedom to profess religion and to manage religious institutions.

        xiv.        Provision as to property.

          xv.        Protection of property rights.

        xvi.        Equality of citizens.

       xvii.        Non-discrimination in respect of access to public places.

      xviii.        Safeguard against discrimination in services.


        xix.        Preservation of language, script and culture.


                            This FAQ is prepared by Sadia Saman Advocate