What is article 199 of the constitution of Pakistan And how does it protect fundamental rights and liberties of the citizen?

1   The Article 199 of the constitution pertains to the jurisdiction of the High Courts in the country. It serves as a safeguard to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens. Under article 199, the High Courts have the power of judicial review and can issue several writs for the enforcement of fundamental rights; following are the writs which can be issued by the High Court;

                      i.        Writ of mandamus: to compel a public official or body to perform a duty.

                    ii.        Writ of prohibition: to prevent authority from acting beyond its jurisdiction.

                   iii.        Writ of certiorari: to quash an order or decision

                   iv.        Writ of Quo warranto: to question authority of a person holding public office.


                    v.        Writ of habeas corpus: to protect against unlawful detention. 



                                This FAQ is prepared by Sadia Saman Advocate