How to enquire complaint by Ombudsperson Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act 2010?

 A)     Any complainant shall have the option to prefer a complaint either to the Ombudsperson or the Inquiry Committee.

The Ombudsperson shall within 3 days of receiving a complaint issue a written show cause notice to the accused. The accused, after the receipt of written notice, shall submit written defense to the Ombudsperson within five days and his failure to do so without reasonable cause the Ombudsperson may precede ex-parte. Both the parties can represent themselves before the Ombudsperson.

The Ombudsperson shall conduct an inquiry into the matter according to the rules made under this Act and conduct proceeding as the Ombudsperson deems proper.

For the purposes of an investigation under this Act, the Ombudsperson may require any office or member of an organization concerned to furnished any information or to produce any document which in the opinion of the Ombudsperson is relevant and helpful in the conduct of the investigation.

The Ombudsperson shall record his decision and inform both parties and the management of the concerned organization for implementation of the orders.

The Ombudsperson shall decide a case or appeal as the case may be within a period of ninety days.

This FAQ is prepared by Sadia Saman Advocate