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Competition for Children.

Calling all young explorers! Join our exciting competition which aims to foster legal awareness among children. Where you’ll have to complete the course and get a certificate.


We'll have 15 winners selected via lucky draw who will complete the course and get a certificate, draw date 30-03-24


Following courses are available for children!

1) Child Marriage
2) Helping kids stay safe: say no to bad things
3) What kids need to now about Cyber Safety & Crimes
4) Child rights in conflict
5) Education's impact on child development
6) Child labor
7) Child Marriage impacting girls rights



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The more certificates you get after completing the courses, the more chances

of winning you have!

Competition rules:
Participants must be under 18 years old.
If chosen as a winner, you'll need to provide a photo of your B Form and your parent's CNIC.
Parents may help the children