Prevention of Road Accidents’ Order, 1978
Sind M.L.O. No. 66 of 1978

1. (i) This order may be called the Prevention of Road Accidents Order, 1978.
(ii) It shall come into force at once and shall take effect notwithstanding anything contained in any law or rule for the time being in force.

2. The offences involving public motor transport vehicles, which are punishable under the Pakistan Penal Code of under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965 and the rules thereunder shall, as and when directed by the Martial Law Authorities, be tried by Summary and Special Military Courts.

3. (i) The Government of Sind in the Home Department shall for the purposes of this Order constitute one or more Board each comprising Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, Motor Vehicle Inspector and a representative of public and private transports, nominated by the Government.

(ii) No motor vehicle shall ply as public transport without obtaining a fitness certificate from the Board,

Provided that the motor vehicles plying as public transport immediately before coming into force of this order on the basis of a fitness certificate obtained under the existing rules, shall on expiry of such certificate, obtain a fresh certificate from the Board:

Provided further that a certificate shall be necessary for the motor vehicle which has been involved in an accident.

(iii)       The Board shall refuse to grant fitness certificate if:

(a)     The motor vehicle is not fitted with reflectors on the front as well as rear side:

(b)     The speedometer of the vehicle is not working order: and

(c)     All illegal markings, paintings and other objectionable captions on the motor vehicles ordered by the Board to be removed have not been removed.

4. Driving licence for driving a motor vehicle as public transport shall not be issued or renewed until:

(i)                  The authority competent to issue licence has satisfied itself about the character/antecedent of the applicant: and

(ii)                The certificate of medical fitness of authorised medical practitioner has been produced by the applicant.

5. The private and public transport drivers and conductors employed with them shall observe such working hours as are mentioned in the Road Transport Workers Ordinance, 1961.

6. (i) The drivers of motor vehicles of public transport shall not make use of intoxicants and narcotics

(ii) Music shall not be played in running motor vehicles plying as public transport.

7. No Government servant or his dependent shall be permitted to own a private vehicle for commercial purposes, and if any such Government Servant or his dependent is in possession of such vehicle, he shall give such intimation to the headquarters Martial Law Administrator, Zone ‘C’ forwarding a copy to the Secretary. Regional Transport Authority not later than 25th May, 1978, with the justification, if any, for keeping such vehicle.

8. In case of fatal accident, the following additional penalties shall be imposed denying decision of the Court:

(i) The vehicle shall be impounded by the police:

(ii) Route permit in respect of vehicle shall be suspended by the Secretary, Regional Transport Authority.

9. Any person aggrieved by this Order may, within 15 days of the order of penalty or other provisions of M.L.O. prefer an appeal to Regional Transport Authority.