The Special Citizens’ Act, 2008 (Bill)

(Act No. 24 of 2008)

An Act to make provision for the rights of special citizens.

WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the rights of special citizens for the purposes hereinafter appearing;

It is hereby enacted as follows:---

1.      Short title, extent and commencement.---(1) This Act may be called the Special Citizens’ Act, 2008.

(2)         It extends to the whole of the Pakistan.

(3)         It shall come into force at once.

2.      Definitions.---In this Act, unless there is any thing repugnant to the subject or context:---

(a)          “Special Citizens” means the disabled citizens of Pakistan; and

(b)          “rights” means the accessibility of disabled citizens to every where, just like the accessibility of normal citizens of Pakistan.

3.      Facility of access of wheel chairs in all Building.---Government shall make the concerned authorities bound, before the construction of buildings in public or private sectors particularly in Educational Institutions, Banks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Police Stations, Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Hotels and all every public place to provide the facility of access of wheelchairs.

4.      Allocation of seats for special citizens.---Public Transporters shall be bound to allocate seats for special citizens and provide easy access to their seats in the public transport.

5.      Facility on Footpaths.---Concerned authorities shall provide maximum facilities on footpaths for the wheel chairs and blind persons.

6.      Priority while crossing roads.---While crossing the roads special citizens must be given priority and traffic police should be responsible for its implementation.